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Cultivate Your Perfect Home With These Simple Tips

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Your Perfect Home is absolutely fantastic FOR YOU.

The point is not perfection, the point is perfect for you.

Cultivate Your Perfect Home With These Simple Tips


Everyone wants to live in a great home. A home that makes you and your family happy on a consistent basis. It can take a while to cultivate your perfect home. It can also be pretty hard to find the right inspiration.

Your perfect home might look totally different from someone else’s which means taking advice can be quite difficult. Plus, if you have a larger family, finding the right balance in the home can be pretty difficult too. It might take some trial and error on your part to get it right. However, that’s a good thing because it’s in the trialing of new things that you find what you really like.

It doesn’t matter where you live, or how big your home is. There are always things you can do to cultivate the perfect home. It doesn’t have to be done overnight either. Take your time until you have exactly what you need.


Your Perfect Home


Find The Perfect Temperature For Your Perfect Home


It sounds like a simple enough thing to do, but sometimes your home just won’t stay at a comfortable temperature and you won’t always want to spend a fortune on central heating. Make sure you practice good habits to ensure your home stays at the right temperature. Check around the doors and windows to ensure the sealing is still intact. You might even want to look into energy-efficient windows and doors as replacements. Check the external wall too and you might find smaller holes which you need to fill in. Especially if they’re on the wind-facing side. Get your boiler serviced and see if you need to replace it. Sometimes it’ll cost a fortune to run a fault boiler because it isn’t processing the energy properly. You can’t cultivate the perfect home if you’re not ever happy with the temperature because you just won’t be comfortable in the deepest of Summer or Winter. People are comfortable at different temperatures, which is why it’s important to be able to create different temperatures in different rooms of the home.


Create Comfort Nooks in Your Perfect Home


The living room is the place most people relax. But if you’ve got a larger family where quite a few people are trying to relax it might be a little crowded. You, as well as your family, deserve somewhere to wind down.

Consider your home, how can you make it a more comfortable place to live? If you’ve got a nice garden it might be that you can find somewhere there to create a little corner for people to relax. Inside, think about those wider spaces near a window. Can you fit a smaller sofa in the spare bedroom? Maybe you can clear out some of the clutter in the loft and make a space there for relaxation, or in the cellar.

Creating these little comfort zones can help your home become a more relaxing place. You can speak to your family about this too and see what they think. They might have some great ideas for somewhere they can really relax if you just put in some work to get it looking right. Try to think outside the box and you never know what you’ll come up with. 


Working From Your Perfect Home?


The danger is that your work-life seeps into your home life. You want to be able to relax as much as possible when you’re not working which means carving out that perfect place in your home. It needs to be somewhere you can knuckle down and stop procrastinating by ensuring there aren’t any distractions. This might be by creating an office in a spare room or by simply putting a desk in the corner somewhere. Never work from the bed that you sleep in every night, or work from the living room. It makes it harder to switch off as you’ll consistently associate the place with work. At the same time when you’re working, you’ll associate the place with leisure so your productivity might completely dip. 


Make The Kitchen Easy To Use


If you’ve got a large family you’ll notice that the kitchen is frequented all of the time by those looking for a quick snack or to make a drink. In this day and age with all that technology provides you can ensure doing so is easy, ensuring your kitchen isn’t always busy. Coffee machines, WiFi kettles, translucent fridges, you name it and there’s something out there for you. If the kitchen is easy to use it adds to the overall harmony in the household. It will truly go a long way towards creating a home that functions on a higher level.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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36 thoughts on “Cultivate Your Perfect Home With These Simple Tips”

  1. These are good points. Especially working from home, my home was always a place of relaxation, but when I started WFH, and my kids started school from home, I needed to make a lot of changes to the home before we got comfortable with the new set up.

  2. Love this! I would definitely think of the kitchen first when I get my dream house. I’d love to have a fully functioning one with an efficient design.

  3. More people now are more incline into home improvements. Same works for me’ I now enjoy ikea just to shop around. I think since more of us works at home – of course I would like my space to be comfortable and perfect for me.

  4. I’m definitely making the kitchen easy to use. We’re not expert cooks at home but we do try our best to whip up our favorite food. It’s quite relaxing to be in the kitchen, too.

  5. Yyyeeeaaahhhh…you have a very solid point with the kitchen! Many times, I see Mummy here struggle with reaching for the window in the kitchen and this bothers me a lot. Why was it set it up that way?

  6. These are excellent tips. I’ve always said that you make your house a home. It doesn’t just become one.

  7. It’s key to make sure your home meets your needs. There’s so much more to buying home than simply picking something that’s pretty. It also has to suit you.

  8. The temperature part really resonates with me because we are in heat wave right now and our house isn’t built for it! Definitely, something to look into in future to help make our home more comfortable over the summer months.

  9. It is nice to tailor your home to your own needs, not solely to impress others. These are great tips for making it your own personal sanctuary.

    1. A home that is your personal sanctuary offers a tremendous sense of peace. It is nice when our home looks good for others but the focus is best on your personal needs.

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