Boost Your Workplace Confidence

Workplace Confidence

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Boost Your Workplace Confidence


Feeling a lack of workplace confidence is nothing to be afraid of. However, a lack of workplace confidence is something to conquer.

Gaining self-confidence allows you to present a better work product and earn people’s confidence. In turn, this will lead to more opportunities becoming available to you.

A lack of confidence, especially when it comes to business, is only going to hold you back.

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Workplace Confidence


These tips can help you in jumpstarting your journey in gaining more workplace confidence.

Figure out your purpose


Get specific about what you really want to do. Think for a moment about what you would do for your life work if money and education were not a concern.

  1. What is your ideal career?
  2. Do you have something that you feel passionate about?
  3. What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Consider your Truth


Take a deep look into yourself. Consider what is lacking. What is hurting your self-confidence?

Do you feel that your knowledge is lacking? Find some good books on the subject you are interested in. On the larger scale, consider  taking a class or earning a certificate or degree.

It is now time to look at other causes of lacking confidence.

Are you uncomfortable speaking in front of others? Take a class in public speaking or join a group such as Toastmasters.

Are you self-conscious about your appearance? Consider if you need a wardrobe change or even something more serious. For me, my breasts were so large that I was always physically uncomfortable so I had a massive reduction. For others, perhaps more perkiness is desired. In that case, learn about getting a breast lift with mesh.

Understand that confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere


Obtaining confidence in yourself doesn’t come overnight. Usually, it’s something that’s a journey within itself.

You can continue to move forward in life without brimming with confidence. Don’t put your life at a standstill until you feel fully confident.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Find balance by  looking into self-improvement while also continuing to do the work.


Workplace Confidence
Boost Your Workplace Confidence



To build confidence you’ll need to do some practicing. Just like with muscles, you need to work them out if you want to get stronger. It’s the same for confidence.  

How can you practice to improve your confidence?

Talk to yourself in the mirror and practice things you’d like to say. If you feel too silly talking into a mirror, you can practice with your spouse or a friend.

Another way to get into practice is to go to networking events.


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Attending networking events is a great way to meet new people within the industry that you work in, or want to work in. You can easily find local networking events happening such as checking on Linkedin, tradeshow events, or even special websites that are geared towards your industry.


Know that it’s okay to say “No”


The word “no” and self-confidence can truly go hand in hand.  You’ll have a hard time succeeding in the business world if you’re afraid of the word “no” or even if you’re afraid of rejection. Learning to accept rejection (whether you’re giving it or taking it) is going to take you a long way. You need to develop an attitude that the word “no” doesn’t automatically mean “never”.

The Art of Saying No
The Art of Saying No

A no can mean “later”. If you have someone who you’re trying to get as a client and they tell you no, then think of them as someone that you’ll be revisiting in the future. It never hurts to try again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying again, especially in the corporate world.




Be sure to protect your mental health. No job is worth your sanity, no matter the amount you’re paid.  Many people place their work as their focus and even the definition of who they are as a person. It’s so important to realize that you are not your work.


Whether you’re trying to promote your own business or you’re trying to climb up the corporate ladder, do not lose sight of who you are as a person. Click To Tweet


Your work is not your identity. Who you are as a person is your identity.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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24 thoughts on “Boost Your Workplace Confidence”

  1. These are all great ideas for boosting workplace confidence. I work alone at home, but a lot of these still apply. I remember doing some of them, when I did work a “regular” job at an office.

  2. Having confidence in yourself is not always easy. I work for myself, so don’t have to worry about it in the workplace very much. Although I do sub teach at my kids elementary school and that took some confidence to get up in front of an entire class and teach them for the day. That one was all about practice and now that I’m in my third year as a sub, I stroll into a classroom like I own the place 🙂

  3. I love what you said about building confidence. It resonates with me so much. Confidence is built from practice, failures and more failures

  4. Being confident in your abilities can help you be more productive and help you create a higher quality of work overall. You kinda need to have a happier mindset.

  5. When I worked, I put on my all encompassing business hat first. When I stopped people were shocked at how little confidence I held on to in my non working life.
    I think I learned every corner of the company, I studied the parts of my job that I was weaker in. Continuously learning new product knowledge, taking training courses on team motivation. Because of that continued learning I knew that I was the best at the position I held. I coached and encouraged staff to gain the same knowledge. Many climbed up the ladder. My team trusted me and they grew in stature and confidene within the workplace. When I moved and took a different path. Like a fish pulled from a fast moving stream, I floundered and no longer trusted my judgement. We know so many skills are transferable we just have to be prepared to continue to learn and that self confidence will return. This is a good post thank you.

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