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Workplace Accidents: The Right Steps To Take

Workplace Accidents

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Workplace accidents may be more common than you think.


Workplace accidents can occur no matter how safe or dangerous your environment is. You could fall over on a coffee spill or come into contact with harsh chemicals in a warehouse. Either way, you will need the take the necessary steps to find the best health and legal outcome so that you can get on the road to recovery.


workplace accidents


If you are ever involved in a workplace accident, here are the right steps to take.


Speak to your boss


Speaking to your boss about improving employee wellbeing can go a long way to creating an environment of safety. As you can imagine, it is important to ensure that you have a level of trust. A supervisor should be willing to do everything that they can to ensure that you get the help and support that you need. It may be out of their hands and totally not their fault. Regardless, your supervisor the best person to speak to at work to get the issue resolved.

They will need to be made aware of what happened and if there is an accident-prone area, they will work to make it safe so that the accident doesn’t happen again.

Seek legal help


Some companies will absolutely do the right thing without question but some will not. Seek legal counsel so as to know which company you work for. Using exceptional personal injury attorneys will ensure that you get help from start to finish. They will help you gather evidence and present the claim in court so that you can get the compensation that you need. 

They will also help with signing documents and making sure that they are signed correctly to support your claims. 


Workplace Accidents: The Right Steps To Take
Workplace Accidents: The Right Steps To Take




Report the incident


You should always report the incident as soon as it happens. That way, you will be able to report what happened clearly and not miss out on any small details. Forgetting small details could hinder your case. 


For instance, if you forget what time it happened, you might not be able to seek accurate witnesses or find the CCTV footage quickly. 


Get witness statements


Alongside your own statement, you should also get witness statements. These will help back up your case and support you when it comes to gathering evidence. They will have seen the accident from a different viewpoint and offer a non-biased story. 


If the accident was not your fault and you want to make a claim against your workplace, it will help to have supporting evidence from physical eyewitnesses. 


Check CCTV footage


You will also benefit from checking to see if there is any CCTV footage from the accident. This will further support your claim and be used as evidence in court. 


The CCTV footage will offer a clear depiction of what happened and offer the least biased view. 


Keep a copy of the CCTV footage so that it doesn’t go missing. If you need the footage and do not have it then you could negatively affect the results of your claim. 


Secure the scene


After an accident, you should ensure that you or someone close by secures the scene. Moving evidence could hinder your case. 


Moreover, securing the scene will ensure that nobody else gets hurt. If there are chemicals on the floor or sideboards, these could be touched by other members of staff. They could be vulnerable to injury too. Thus, protecting others is crucial to ensure that nobody else gets hurt. 


Seek medical attention


After an accident, it is so important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If the injury is major, medical attention is the first port of call. If there is no physical injury, report the case first and then seek medical attention. 


Even if there are no physical injuries, there could be underlying issues that could lead to future implications. Or, the accident could cause mental trauma, which can be difficult to deal with. 


Speaking to a therapist can help you overcome the mental emotions after the result of an accident.


Communicate your concern


If you feel that an area of your workplace is unsafe, especially after the accident has concluded, you should communicate your concern. Leaving the area unsafe could result in future accidents to yourself or to colleagues. 


You should also communicate your concern if you feel that your workplace isn’t taking your case seriously. For instance, if they do not believe that it wasn’t your fault then you should speak with them and make them aware that it wasn’t your fault. It will help to show them the evidence and ask the legal team to make your company aware of the situation. 


You should never blame yourself for a workplace accident and leave it unreported. You can increase the safety of your workplace for yourself and for others by reporting the accident and taking the necessary steps.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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34 thoughts on “Workplace Accidents: The Right Steps To Take”

  1. All excellent points. I work in a software company that doesn’t have too much scope for accidents at work. Still, I am impressed with the care they take over simple things like coffee machines and non-slip floors.

  2. It is the duty of the company to put safety measures in the office so as not to jeopardize the safety of the workers. There are laws instructing publice places especially the workplace to observe proper safety protocols.

  3. This post should be required reading for anyone entering the workforce! I was a retail general manager for over 20 years and dealt with several workplace accidents during that time. It’s so important to document every accident, even if it seems minor at the time!

  4. These are great tips. It’s so important to make sure you document everything and seek council immediately. Some employers do everything they can not to pay for workplace injuries.

    1. Unfortunately, this is very true. Of course, I am not suggesting that one runs off and files suit. However, being sure we have done all we need to so if it becomes necessary is very important.

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