A Very Strange Visitor

We did learn today that our bird was a Mourning Dove. This added to our fascination of this bird.

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A Very Strange Visitor


Today, I had quite a fright as I heard a very loud noise and a bang on my sliding glass door. As I looked to see what the noise was, I discovered that it was a chubby bird that had tried to bang his way in. He sat on the ground outside of my door for quite some time, 45 minutes to be exact. He just sat there and gazed into my house. I never saw something like that. I told my husband what had happened and he was quite surprised.

My husband shared a very interesting story with me.

I learned that shortly after his grandfather had died a very similar thing had happened to his grandmother. A bird had tried to get into her house. Immediately upon seeing this bird, his grandmother began to cry as she was certain that it was her husband coming to say hello and check on her.

Could this be what happened to me? But, why me?

Why would my father-in-law visit me instead of his own daughter, or one of his sons?

The Chinese tend to be pretty superstitious and very open to believing in this type of thing occurring. The idea that this bird was my father-in-law coming to check on us was so very much within my husband’s realm of possibilities.

He immediately called his mother to tell her of the occurrence.

Her immediate response was that this bird was her husband and he was visiting so that to check on the family. My mother-in-law asked that I open the door and say hello. I, having learned through the years to be a dutiful daughter-in-law, did as I was told. By this time, our friend had been with me for well over an hour and had decided to sit next to our Koi pond. I opened the door and said, “hello” fully expecting the bird to fly away as all birds do. This was not to be the case.

When I went outside to speak to this bird, he looked at me intently as if he was listening. After reporting this to my hubby, he asked that I feed the bird. I thought that this was a bit excessive but I went ahead and did it anyway fully expecting the bird to fly away. He did not. Instead, he watched me and turned his neck to follow my every move.

At this point, I learned that my husband had texted his sister and brother to share the news of my visitor.

All were in agreement that their dad had come to visit me and check on the family. Again, I wonder if this is truly the case then why would he pick me? Is it because I am the wife of the oldest son?

Is Chinese tradition of the head of household so strong that even in death my father-in-law would choose to come to the home of his oldest son?

My husband asked for me to go outside again.  As the bird had not eaten he wanted me to feed him apples as my father-in-law loved to eat apples.


As I inched closer to the bird, I expected for him to fly away but he only watched me. When I set down the food, he cooed at me.


My daughter arrived home and I told her about the bird, who she watched for a few minutes. After which, the bird began to eat the apples. Sometime later I said to the bird, “Goodbye, I am going to pick up the boys. They had a good day at school.”

Upon my return, he was gone. He had stayed 2 1/2 hours.

Did my father-in-law visit? I don’t know.

Did a bird simply happen upon a house where a crazy person spoke to it and gave it food? Perhaps.

We will never know for certain but the similarities of today’s occurrence compared to that of what occurred with my husband’s grandmother are undeniable


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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