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7 Tips to improve your sleep

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Millions of people have trouble getting to sleep. It might be that it takes you a long time to wind down in the evenings or that you can’t stay asleep when you get to sleep. There are times when you should visit your doctor when it turns from one or two nights into a common thing. 


So what can you do to help yourself get some restful sleep? 




Our bodies react to the daylight – which means when we don’t get enough natural light in the daytime, our bodies don’t get the memo that it is time to sleep later in the day. Natural daylight keeps our circadian rhythm in check. 


So if you aren’t getting much daylight, it is time to increase how long you get each day. It is better to get at least 2 hours of bright daylight exposure. For those who can’t just head outside, it is worth investing in daylight lamps and using them throughout the day. 




If you want to take a natural routine to get into sleep mode, then there are some supplements that you can add to your diet to support your natural sleep cycle. 


L-theanine has been shown to help with relaxation and sleep, and Valerian root and Ginkgo biloba can help to reduce stress and aid sleep. CBD, hemp, and low levels of THC in a tincture, gummies, or tea from companies like Remedy have also been shown to help with relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. 




When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you might start taking naps during the day. When you start napping during the day, you are more likely to confuse your body clock. 


Naps under 30 minutes in most cases are proven to be beneficial – however, if you are napping at random times in the day for varying times – it is time to cut the naps out and try and make it until bedtime. 




Waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day might seem a bit boring – but it is the best way to train your body to get tired in the evenings. When your sleep pattern is erratic, your levels of melatonin will vary too. 


Melatonin is part of helping your body get into rest mode – if you don’t have the right level, you’re going to be fighting to get to sleep. 




Is your bedroom a cool, calm oasis of rest? Or is your bedroom cluttered, messy, and less than relaxing? Your bedroom will have a huge impact on how much rest you can get. Real-world clutter has an effect on us mentally – and although you might think you don’t mind too much about the mess, you subconsciously do. 


Your bedroom temperature can also have an impact; when the room is too warm or too cold, you will struggle to get comfortable. 


Take some time to turn your room into somewhere cost and calming. 




Eating late into the evening can increase the struggle to get to sleep. However, there are some foods like bananas, oats, and apples that can help people to drift off to sleep. The time that you eat can have an impact, too; for example, a carb-rich meal 4 hours before bedtime can help people to fall asleep faster. 




We are so used to using our mobiles phone and tablets late into the evening that we don’t think much about it. However, the blue light that is emitted from the screen will keep you awake longer. The light from the screen tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime. Prolonging how long it takes to get to sleep. 


If you want to start with your bedroom, here are some tips to help get it ready: Avoid Sleep Deprivation: Healthy Bedroom Tips

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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