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​From Life & Health Coaching to speaking engagements, writing projects, business support and more, Elise has you covered.​

Elise is a great communicator. I enjoy her frequent contacts. I am certain that I choose a coach that is perfect for all of my needs.
Dr. Ho is so wonderful. She has helped me tremendously to get myself organized, healthy and on track to be financially ready for retirement.
Dr. Mercedes Colburn
Dr. Elise is a wonderful Muse, teacher, and so knowledgeable about many things ... and a wonderful sense of humor …
Lesly Federici
Elise is a very nice person and very easy to talk to. She's not judgemental but she's firm and she will hold you accountable. She shares quality and useful information that helps out on a day-to-day basis towards my steps of getting healthy and happy. I really think that most programs would work if there was someone to talk to and hold you accountable like Coach Elise.
Coach Elise is such a positive presence in the coaching department. She is always willing to help out other coaches, answer questions, send people in the right direction or share her experiences. In addition to being an amazing, thoughtful coach, she also oversees a lot of our social media and creates a robust, interesting online identity for us
Jen Gibson
Department Head
San Francisco, California
Coach Elise is a fantastic coach. She is always there ready to help with whatever you need.Life, health, marriage, work and more. I highly recommend her. Thank you Elise for always being a fabulous coach. I appreciate you.
Elise has this uncanny ability to know exactly what I am feeling before I even say anything. Sometimes, even the moment we get on the phone and I have not even said hello yet.
Coach Elise is SUPERB! She's very well informed, extremely supportive and compassionate and encouraging. She's been genuinely concerned and invested in my journey to a more positive and healthier me. I trust her wholeheartedly.
Elise has been a lifesaver for me...literally. I was drowning. I remember sitting in my house with a box of razor blades in front of me, or literally holding a gun to my head, waiting for a reason to not do it. Had talking to Elise involved getting up and going somewhere I would not have done it. I could not have handled it. You saved my life. Elise gave my kids a parent and my husband a wife.
Thanks for being with me through everything! Thank you for believing in my best and highest good and helping me on this wild ride.You are the best coach ever! You are so supportive, encouraging, and helpful. You are really helping me transform my life, health and business. I love you and all that you have done for me!!!
Elise is awesome. She is so intuitive and can pull things out of me that I didn’t even know were there.
Elise has been one of my greatest sources of support in all aspects of my life - both emotionally and physically. Elise is an excellent Life Coach and an essential resource in my life!!
Elise is very encouraging. She is exactly what my wife and I needed to be able to move forward.
Elise is really great. She is really providing some wonderful and inspirational insights to get me to where I want to be in life.
Elise does a great job reaching out to me and keeping me on track to reach all of my life goals. She is a good positive influence and accountability person for me
Phenomenal Health Coach. Super intelligent, intuitive, respectful, compassionate and resourceful. Been working with Dr. Ho over 3 straight years. Indispensable.
Coach Elise is the BEST! She is encouraging, responsive to where we are on our individual "journeys" and offers a supportive approach to our team to help us think differently about our approaches to success. She is empowering, creative, and fun!
I love Elise, she works with me and focuses on my needs. We have even worked on reducing stress. She does not just give me a generic solution, she focuses on my personal needs!
Elise has many great ideas and is very patient and kind..
Elise is an excellent support and coach! Everything that she is an expert in I have been able to tap into and has supported me tenfold!
Elise has been very helpful in helping me become healthier, stronger and happier
Elise is the best coach ever. I love her input and information. She cheers me up every day. Thank you.
"Elise is great. I have more energy and am on my way to reaching my goal.“
Elise is very attentive and full of information, resources and remedies!!
I love working with Elise. She is very knowledgeable.
Elise has been a godsend to me emotionally and psychologically. She has given me so many tools, information and words of encouragement that have helped me so much in my everyday life!
Thank you for all you do. I am consistently impressed with the information that you share. It is always relevant and interesting.
This year has been challenging; there have been several large life changing decisions to make. Elise has helped me wrap my mind around them to keep me from freaking out completely. I also just had blood work done and my results are better than last year's. My doctor is very pleased.
Elise is wonderful, great at adjusting to my needs and circumstances.
Elise is engaged and invested in my development. She's prepared for our sessions and remembers key points from prior sessions.
Elise is an awesome listener and advisor. I would highly recommend her!
Coach Elise is great! Open-handed encouragement, responsive, fun. I really feel connected with her!
Elise is always so helpful and offers so much insight and support for me.
Elise is a great Life Coach. She keeps me motivated, shares great information and is flexible.
Elise is so awesome and works with her clients and helps taylor the program to each of our needs!
Elise is the best. Very responsive and a great communicator with excellent resources