Elise is a very encouraging coach. She has good insight on various health issues that I am currently dealing with.

Eva C.

Great coach. Keeps me motivated. Shares great recipes and is flexible.She has been very helpful in helping me become healthier, stronger and happier

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Love you!!! Thanks for being with me thru everything! Believing in my best and highest good and helping me on this wild ride. Best coach ever!  So supportive, helpful, encouraging and supportive. Really helping me to transform.

Z.Y., Business Owner

Coach Elise is great. I have more energy and am on my way to reaching my goal.  


Coach Elise is a fantastic coach. She is always there ready to help with whatever you need. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Elise, for always being a fabulous coach. I appreciate you. 

Jeannine C.

She’s a very nice person and very easy to talk to. She’s not judgemental but she’s firm and she will hold you accountable. She offers quality and useful information that helps out on a day-to-day basis towards my steps of losing weight. I really think that most exercise programs would work if there was someone to talk to and hold you accountable like Coach Elise.


Great communicator. I enjoy her frequent contacts. I am certain that I choose a coach that is perfect for my needs


She is wonderful. Supportive, customizing approach to meet my needs, really gets me.

Z.Y., Professional Dancer

Elise has been a godsend to me emotionally and psychologically. She has given me so many tools, recipes and words of encouragement that have helped me so much in my everyday life!


Elise helped me build a more balanced relationship with food and my body. I recommend her highly to anyone looking to find peace and well-being in their relationship to their body.

Elise helped me build a more balanced relationship with food and my body. I recommend her highly to anyone looking to find peace and well-being in their relationship to their body.
Tracy James, Shamanic Life Coach

I have worked with coaches in the past, but few were as effective as Coach Elise. She helped me think outside the box and find solutions to problems I’ve been facing for years. Her impact has been enormous to my internal growth and personal development, as she created a space for me to soar in all areas of my life.

LaVerne R.

Elise is the kind of life coach you dream about. I was so tied to my habits that I could not see any way out. She listened to me cry, and gripe and moan and then would help me find ways to conquer my problems. Today I am 70 pounds lighter and have kept it off for a year.

Cindy R., Elementary School Teacher

Thank you for all you do. I am consistently impressed with your posts. They are always relevant and interesting


Excellent problem solver and fun to work with. She has a great sense of humor and empathy, while being able to encourage you to keep working toward health.

Paige A.

She is an excellent support and coach! Everything that she is an expert in I have been able to tap into and has supported me tenfold!


Thank you for always being so helpful and having so much insight and support for me.


Coach Elise is great! Open-handed encouragement, responsive, fun. I really feel connected to her!

J.O., Middle School Teacher

She is the best. Very responsive and a great communicator with excellent resources

P.S., Nurse

Elise has a way of making you open up to her. You feel as if you can tell her anything. She makes you very comfortable.

Ed W.

Elise is so awesome and works with her clients and helps tailor the program to each of our needs!

H.C., High School Teacher

Coach Elise is the BEST! She is encouraging, responsive to where we are on our individual “journeys” and offers a supportive approach to our team to help us think differently about our approaches to success. She is empowering, creative, and fun!

Jen. O.

She does a great job reaching out to me, sometimes when I am slow to respond or am not happy with my actions. She is a good positive influence and accountability person for me


Coach Elise is extremely helpful and supportive. She always steers me in the right direction or gets me back on track. I would highly recommend coach Elise.

Jen C.

She has many great ideas and is very patient while I’m drifting in and out of motivation.


She’s great. Really proving some wonderful, inspirational insights.


Elise has been one of my greatest supports in all aspect of my life – both emotionally and physically. She is an excellent coach and essential resource in my life!!

Cindy W.

Coach Elise is SUPERB! She’s very well informed, extremely supportive and compassionate and encouraging. Other than the knowledge regarding nutrition and positive thinking, she’s been genuinely concerned and invested in my journey to a healthier me. I trust her wholeheartedly.

Stephen Z.

Love Elise, she works with me and focuses on my needs. We often work on reducing stress. She does not just give me a generic solution, she focuses on my personal needs!

Heather C.

She is very attentive and full of information, resources and remedies!!


You are the best coach ever. I love your input and information. You cheer me up every day. Thank you.


This year has been challenging; there been several large llife-changing decisions to make. Elise has helped me wrap my mind around them to keep me from freaking completely out. I also just had blood work done and my results are better than last year’s. My doctor is very pleased.


I had the distinct pleasure getting to know Elise when I was writing for 360 Parenting and beyond. She was very helpful and provided great feedback and advice on my work.
She is a true asset.

Jeff Kirk, 360 Parenting

I have known and worked with Elise for years! Together we have developed some incredible programs and generated new funds for the YMCA alongside with keeping our sections on budget. It was always a great feeling to know she had my back and if I had an issue or problem she was an excellent soundboard. I love working with her- waiting to again!

Paula Young, YMCA

Elise coordinated several wellness activities at the YMCA, I joined a book club that she created. All the women in the group looked forward to our monthly discussion and healthy lunch led by Elise. She provided lively and entertaining discussion and I always looked forward to going. Elise is a strong leader with a caring heart and a passion for helping people find their paths to wellness in whatever capacity is right for them.

T. Berlin, Education Management Specialist

Elise worked with both of my boys, personally as well as coordinating lessons with the instructors at the YMCA. She always greeted them warmly and by name and had a well-designed lesson for them each week. They progressed in their skills and enjoyed learning!

Tiffany B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Elise over the last few years and I can say without hesitation, she is one of the most thorough and well-organized people I have had the pleasure of working with. Her follow through and creativity are exceptional. Elise is top notch. I would recommend Elise from both a professional and personal level. Clearly cream of the crop!

Ann Morgan James, Author & Speaker

Elise is a professional. She has been a great help ensuring any submissions I made are relevant and timely. No question I asked was too small or insignificant. She has always been proactive with her guidance. She clearly knows the importance of service with integrity.

Dr. Richard Norris

I have struggled with my weight for years, and in finding Elise Ho, she has helped make less it of a struggle and more of a self-journey. She has a positive attitude and non-judgmental approach which I find comfort in. I would highly recommend Elise.

Jennifer B.

Elise is both brilliant and caring, a rare but perfect combination for a coach and speaker. She is an over-achiever extraordinaire, which means she will exceed your expectations if you chose to work with her.

Greta Boris

Elise has amazing writing techniques and content. She puts her heart into her work along with her humor. She implements top-notch managerial skills keeping the wheels turning for small and large projects.

Kim Boudreau Smith, Bold Talk Media

Elise has a great passion for holistic medicine and improving the quality of a family’s lifestyle. She combines her own life experiences as a parent with a unique spiritual perspective on how to help parents be emotionally healthy and present for their children. I have been impressed with Elise’s caring attentive attitude, tender approach, positive spirit and commitment to helping parents live a happy, healthy, successful life.

Hogan Hilling, Dad Marketing

I have worked with Elise as a writer when we collaborated on an e-book. She brings innovative ideas, a unique writing style, a great personality and professionalism at all times to the table. She is very knowledgeable in healthy eating and living and is dedicated to success. I am honored to have worked with Elise!

T. Boutwell, Natural Apple Health

Elise is such a pleasure to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable and very supportive.

Tiffany B., HHP

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