Is Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Essential To Backpacking?

Confession time...I am not a backpacker! However, I was intrigued by the Rolling Fox Tent Tarp, what it can be used for and if it was truly easy to use.

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Is Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Essential To Backpacking?

I find Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter very intriguing!


One of the reasons is (confession time) I am not a backpacker (yet).

My main curiosity surrounds around what it can be used for. I also want to know if it is truly easy to use.


When my younger son saw that Rolling Fox had sent this super light tarp shelter he was all over it.

He is even more excited by the fact that it comes in very neat and tidy packaging.

You see he had been camping all of last summer in the Sequoia Mountains and has plans for backpacking.

We both love that The Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter was really easy for us. It comes with everything that you need (other than some trees). Confession two is that I was completely intimidated by it when I had first received it. However, when I opened the packaging and learned to tie a few knots that all changed. I was well on my way to a really lovely reading spot.


The tarp, which weighs in at just over 1 pound, reaches a size of 11′ 9″ x 9′. An unadvertised benefit is that if you need ground cover you could sit on this tarp too.

Rolling Fox includes four stakes and four guy lines with the tarp.The tarp also offers 16 tie-off points which, in my research, I discovered is super impressive as most have four to eight tie off points.  It also comes with four guy lines and 4 stakes.

Confession 3: I did not know what a guy line or a tie off point was until I reviewed this product. However, I have since learned that the tie off points are the anchor points from where you attach

I will admit that I was completely intimidated by it when I first received it but then I opened the packaing, learned to tie a few knots and was well on my a really lovely reading and napping spot...

the tarp to a tree, the ground, poles or some other device. This is usually accomplished with the use of either the stakes or the guy lines. A guy line is defined as “a tensioned cable designed to add stability to a free-standing structure.”

The Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter can be used for overhead camping shelter, protection from rain or snow, a shady shelter, a mat to sit on or even a hammock.


It is great for camping, boating, sports events and, you guessed it, backpacking.

Look for tips on setting up the tarp on the Rolling Fox website. They also offer knot tutorials, camping breakfast ideas and a great article entitled Tarp Shelter vs a Tent for Backpacking and Camping. You can buy the tarp on their website or on Amazon.

My son is super excited about being able to carry easy shelter on his back. I am super excited that he is excited.

How about you? Will the Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter be useful to you?





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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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24 thoughts on “Is Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Essential To Backpacking?”

  1. It looks like a great product. It can be utilized in so many different ways and it looks easy to be carried around. I don’t camp or backpack. It might be a good idea to have it around for other events (I could see using it for a hammock) or maybe for kids to camp in the backyard 🙂

  2. Not much of a backpacker here either but this is a great idea and good product to know. The usability ideas with all the different ways to structure it is a resourceful tool.

  3. Some great post you made here, I was actually looking forward to seeing something like this. Thanks for sharing, I’ll pass it on immediately

  4. Luciano Ringham

    I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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