The #1 Stress in America

Stress in America

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Stress in America is at an all time high.


This is true as a nation and as individuals.

Of course, what is also true is that everyone has different triggers that cause them to stress. It could be the health of our nation, the politics of our nation, concern over your kids or a bevy of other things.

Stress is a normal part of life. To think that we can completely avoid stress is a very big misconception.


stress in america
The #1 in Stress in America

What is the number one cause of stress in America?


According to the American Psychological Association (APA), money is the top cause of stress in America.

Making mistakes with your money causes major stress!


Money concerns rank higher as a cause of stress in America than health, family and work! #stress #stressmanagement #money #moneymanagement Click To Tweet


Signs of financial stress may include:


  • being thrown into a tailspin whenever the phone rings
  • worrying if your spouse answers the phone before you do (this is also a communication issue)
  • feeling guilty whenever you spend money
  • worrying that your credit card will get declined
  • having to balance your checkbook before paying even the smallest of bills
  • concern that you will never be able to get that house you dream of

Does this sound familiar? Is your stomach hurting right now while you read this?

Financial stress can cause many health problems such as upset stomach, chest pain, ulcers, insomnia, high blood pressure and more. As well, when your body lives in a constant state of stress you are much more likely to get sick and can even be susceptible to more disease.

BlackRock’s annual Global Investor Pulse survey backs up this idea that money is more of a concern than our health!

However, we know it is actually very intertwined.


Money, health and well-being are all inter-related. #money #health Click To Tweet


Gain control of your money for better health!!


A few ideas:

  1. Track your spending.
  2. Track how you spend.
  3. Identify your stressors.
  4. Make a plan of action.

All roads lead to stress in America being caused by money. Additionally, research shows that credit card debt is a HUGE amount of the problem.

As a matter of fact, reports that the average household in America with credit card debt owes on average, $15,654.

The average number of credit cards among American credit card owners is 3.7 cards.

That is a whole lot of debt! It is terrible for your physical and emotional health.

Focusing on gaining control of your debt is beneficial for your well-being!

The problem with credit card debt is it is really hard to get in front of it.

You may be paying high interest rates, making minimum payments or just be overwhelmed by the volume of payments.

However in all of this, there is some help. Consider a debt consolidation plan.


Consider Debt Consolidation


This option can help you to lower interest rates, make larger payments, and have fewer payments all in one full swoop.

Let me explain. Also a caveat, I am simply sharing what has worked for many people. I am not a financial adviser, financial guru or a loan consolidator.

1. Lower Interest Payments

  • The big reason that people consolidate is because they are paying interest rates that are too high.  When you consolidate it is quite likely that your interest rate will be lower than you are paying now.
2. Make Larger Payments
  • With your new lower interest rate, you may now be able to make larger payments.
3. Have Fewer Payments
  • If you are making larger payments your debt is reducing at a faster rate. In turn, you will have fewer payments to make before you reach full debt pay off.
If larger payments are not possible, but your interest rate is lower, you can also make extra headway on paying down debt with the same payment as you were making before consolidation.

Is debt consolidation the right choice for you?


Well, quite frankly, I do not know. Remember that bit about the fact that I am not a financial advisor?

Get your credit score, add up your debt, figure out what interest rates you are currently paying and then click here to learn more.

When it come to money, it is a little too easy to make mistakes. Once they are made, they can be hard to undo but it is never too late.

The Science of Getting Rich #ad can be purchased at
The Science of Getting Rich


Avoid digging a deeper hole for yourself and get the help that you need.  From a professional money management team, of course.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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24 thoughts on “The #1 Stress in America”

  1. That will be more stressing if you’re stress affects even your health issue. Thanks for posting about this topic.

  2. This is such great advice and is so true! Money is a huge stressor and I definitely need to get a money tracker.

  3. Financial Stress is definitely at an all time high right now with the world in the middle of a pandemic and so many people out of work. Sadly even the most skilled with a budget can only stretch meager means so far. It is helpful to gather ideas for when things balance out again (I’m afraid to use the word normal, LOL)

    1. None of us really know what normal is going to be so I completely understand being afraid to use that word. When one is able to make changes to their finances and improve them then it is good to already be armed with the information.

    1. It definitely does not have to be that way. It is , of course, best to not get into financial troubles in the first place but we all know that can happen for many different reasons. This makes the next step getting out of financial troubles as quickly as possible.

  4. Financial stress is the worst! So important to keep on top of your finances. Thankfully we don’t have any debts per se but if I did I would definitely consider debt consolidation.

  5. I always try to manage well my income and expenses. It’s important to have a clear view of your finance and not to overspend. I rarely feel stress caused by money, but it is one of the main stress-causing factors in my country. Thanks for sharing!

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