4 Ways Stress Can Manifest Into Something Worse

Stress Can Manifest Into Something Worse

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Stress Can Manifest Into Something Worse


Stress can do more damage than you may think it does! A lot of people assume that stress simply makes them feel a bit grumpy and brings their mood down. However, if you do not do something to release that stress after the stressor has passed than that just sits in you. Consequently, stress can actually cause a number of different health problems.

Stress Can Manifest Into Something Worse


Below, we will take you through some of the different ways that this can happen.

Stress can result in hearing problems 


The blood flow to your ears may reduce when you are feeling stressed. This is, mostly, due to the adrenaline causing rush. 0A lot of people do not realize that stress can cause other health issues, and hearing difficulties fall into this category. Because of the adrenaline that stress creates, this can cause , which can cause hearing problems. You can learn more online about the different ways of managing hearing issues.


Your gums and teeth are at risk due to stress factors.


In fact, Stress can manifest into something worse right in your mouth. Stress can also cause a lot of health issues with your teeth and gums. I did it all the time when I had my concussion and was on bedrest for all of those months.  


Will this concussion always cause problems for me? 15 years ago I got hit in the back of my head by a very icy and hard snowball. My reward was a concussion. A concussion that was never treated properly. The knowledge of concussions was not what it is today.
A Concussion That Nearly Stole My Life


I went back to grinding my teeth when my mom died.

You may not even realize you are doing it. It is, in fact, something that many people do in their sleep. Needless to say, you will quickly wear your teeth thin if you keep this up. There has also been a study linking stress to gum disease. This was a multi-university study that was conducted in 2012.


Your love life may suffer due to stress factors.


Stress can impact your love life in more ways than one. For one, it can get you out of the mood quicker than you may expect. 

Stress is linked to men’s reduced sexual desire, testosterone levels, and body weight. Click To Tweet

It can also cause performance anxiety and it has been linked to impotence too.

Plus, when you consider the impact stress has on the body in other ways, it can also lead to a lack of confidence.

For those who are pregnant, stress can trigger changes in their children as they get older, particularly developmental and behavioral issues. Of course, being pregnant can be a stress trigger in itself, but it is all about how you manage it.


No one expects you to live a completely stress-free life. Some stress is normal. Click To Tweet


Stress can promote disease.


Certain individuals are more prone to specific diseases. These conditions often get exacerbated when stress manifests.


Diseases can be triggered by stress. Take psoriasis as a prime example. Although it is hereditary, it is often a stressful episode that can bring this out. In fact, there are many different conditions that are given the green light once stress builds. For example, cirrhosis of the liver, lung diseases, and cancer.


Stress makes it difficult to control your emotions.


Last but not least, stress can make you do things that you may regret later on. After all, it is no secret that people can fly off the handle when they are feeling stressed.


Think of this, you’re in an awful mood, and you’re struggling to keep on top of things. Then you take it out on the poor person that was just trying to be nice to you. You then feel awful afterwards. Of course, this is nothing to lose sleep over – most people will understand. However, the last thing you want to be doing is losing your cool on a regular basis. There have been some studies about stress that have shown just how little it takes for people to feel their control slipping when it comes to their emotions. Because of this, learning some stress control techniques can come in really handy in all walks of life, especially when you are in the workplace and stress levels tend to be at their highest.  


As you can see, stress can manifest into something worse.


It can have a number of negative effects on the body and mind. Therefore, it is important to deal with it effectively.

There are a number of different ways you can cope with stress. For example, accepting things that cannot change, working smarter instead of working harder, avoiding unhealthy habits, challenging yourself, and exercising.

Perfect your stress-busting strategy to ensure that stress does not start to take over your life.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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