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Sell your house for more

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Sell your house for more

12 Must-Do Activities That Will Help You Fetch A Higher Price When Selling Your House


If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re thinking about selling your house. Now, that’s a big deal! But before you let those butterflies take over, know this: It’s not just about slapping a “For Sale” sign on the lawn and crossing your fingers. Oh no, my friend, there’s a method to the madness, and it can actually be quite fun! You see, selling your house is a bit like preparing for a first date. You want everything to look perfect, feel comfortable, and smell great. You want to make a fabulous first impression and show off all the wonderful things that make your home unique. And just like with dating, the little things matter! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to make your house irresistible to buyers.


Here are 12 must-do activities that can help you fetch a higher price when selling your house.

1. There’s No Other Way But To Declutter


Time for some honesty: You know that collection of magnets on the fridge or that pile of shoes by the door? They’ve got to go. Start by packing away personal items like family photos and quirky décor. Organize closets and clean off countertops. By removing the ‘you’ from your house, buyers can visualize themselves in the space. Think of it as setting the stage for their dreams, not showcasing your life.


2. Think Of A Generally Accepted Paint Job


Tangerine orange might be your favorite shade, but it might make a potential buyer cringe. Go for neutral, calming colors like creams, grays, or tans. These shades don’t just appeal to a broader audience; they can make spaces look bigger and brighter. It’s like giving your home a mini-makeover without breaking the bank!


3. What Is The View From The Street


A warm welcome starts outside. Give the exterior some TLC by mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, or adding some cheerful flowers. Fix that wobbly step and maybe even add a fresh coat of paint to the front door. Think of your front yard as the wrapping on a gift – it’s the first thing people see!


4. Small Repairs Can Lead To Serious Wins


It’s time to tackle that to-do list. Fix those leaky faucets, tighten loose knobs, and repair any cracks in the walls. These tiny tweaks can make a big difference. When buyers see that everything’s well-maintained, they’ll feel more confident that the house is a good investment.


5. It’s All About Staging


Staging each room is like dressing your home for success. You know that spare room that’s turned into a junk space over the years? Why not transform it into a cozy reading room or an elegant home office? By staging, you’re not just putting furniture in a room; you’re telling a story. You’re helping buyers visualize their life in that space. Bring in plants for a touch of nature, set the dining table as if dinner is about to be served, or create a relaxing bedroom oasis with fluffy pillows and soft lighting. Remember, you’re selling a lifestyle, not just a house, and staging each room to look its best can create that emotional connection that turns lookers into buyers.


6. Find The Unique Features And Showcase Them


Every home has something special about it. Maybe it’s a vintage clawfoot tub or a kitchen island perfect for family gatherings. Perhaps it’s a hidden wine cellar or a rooftop terrace with a killer view. These unique features can set your home apart from the rest on the market. So why not flaunt them? Highlight these features in the listing and make sure they’re the stars of the show during viewings. Add some elegant touches to that tub, or set the island with stylish place settings. These unique features are your home’s hidden gems, and by spotlighting them, you’re not just showing off your house, you’re inviting buyers to imagine the unique lifestyle they can only find in your home.

7. Play With Lighting Upgrades


Think of lighting as the jewelry of your home. It can brighten a space, create a mood, and even make a room feel larger. Start by letting in as much natural light as possible. Clean those windows and open up those blinds and curtains. Next, pay attention to artificial lighting. Are your fixtures outdated? Perhaps some modern pendants or a chic chandelier could change the whole look of a room. Don’t forget about accent lighting like table lamps or under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Playing with different levels of lighting can add depth and warmth. Optimal lighting can make potential buyers see your home in a whole new light, making spaces feel inviting, functional, and stylish.

8. Get The Pros To Take Your Pictures


Click! That’s the sound of your home looking fabulous. In today’s digital age, most home searches start online, and your photos can make or break that crucial first impression. Professional photographers have the skills, equipment, and eye for detail to present your home in the best possible light. They understand how to frame shots, use lighting, and even digitally touch up images to create a polished look. It’s not just about snapping a picture; it’s about capturing the essence of what makes your home special. These photos will be your home’s calling card on real estate websites and social media. Investing in professional photos is like giving your home its very own modeling portfolio, making it stand out in the crowded marketplace and drawing buyers in to see more.


9. The Place Has To Be Spotless


This is where you roll up those sleeves and get down to business. Steam clean those carpets, scrub those floors, and get into every nook and cranny. If you’ve had pets, consider a pet odor and stain removal service. A spotless house not only looks great but feels fresh and well-cared-for.


10. Get Ahead With A Pre-Inspection


A pre-inspection can be a game-changer. By having your home inspected before listing, you’ll know exactly what needs fixing. It takes away the guesswork and can prevent unpleasant surprises later. It’s like having the answers before the test!


11. The Price Is Right


Price is more than a number; it’s a strategy. Work with a real estate agent who knows your area like the back of their hand. Price too high, and buyers might walk away. Price too low, and you might leave money on the table. Finding that sweet spot is key to attracting serious buyers.


12. Be Savvy With Energy Efficiency


If you’ve upgraded to energy-efficient appliances or added solar panels, now’s the time to shout about it. These green features aren’t just trendy; they can save money in the long run. So make sure to highlight them in your listing and during tours. They’re more than features; they’re future savings.

You’ve got this! With these 12 must-do activities, your house won’t just be another listing; it’ll be the one everyone’s talking about. It’ll be the place where potential buyers walk in and feel a connection. It’s like matchmaking but for houses and people. Remember, you’re not just selling bricks and mortar; you’re selling a lifestyle, a future, a place where new memories will be created. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that beautiful story? Whether you tackle these steps one weekend at a time or go all out in a home-selling blitz, keep your eye on the prize. Each effort, no matter how small, adds up to a big impression. You’re not just a homeowner now; you’re a home seller. And trust me, with a sprinkle of effort, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of love, you’ll turn that “For Sale” sign into a “Sold” sign before you know it.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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