Do You Understand Your Self-Worth?

Do you truly understand your self-worth?



So many of us do not fully comprehend our own self-worth.


We can clearly see other people’s worth but our own seems to be a bit of a mystery.


We see other people enjoying life but have an issue enjoying our own.


Does this describe you?

Do You Understand Your Self-Worth?

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Do You Understand Your Self-Worth?

Success is available to you despite challenging circumstances. 

Your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances.CLICK TO TWEET

Do You Understand Your Self-Worth?

Use these strategies to maintain positive self-worth, regardless of your circumstances: 


  1. Find the cause. What is the cause of the circumstance in your life? Sometimes, limiting beliefs can serve as warning signs that help you avoid danger.
  2. Learn from the cause. What can you learn from this so you avoid triggering a similar situation in the future?  
  3. Ask for help. If the cause of your situation is unclear, ask friends and family for their input. Others see your life from a different perspective, and their input can be valuable in determining the root of your difficulty.  
  4.  Ask for feedback. The people in your life will often see strengths in you that you neglect to notice. Ask people what they believe your strengths are.  
  5. Get past the blame game. You can often be your own worst critic. Fortunately, negative self-talk often has very little basis in reality. 
  6. Choose to replace the doubts of your inner critic with more productive thinking. Once a negative thought has taught you its intended lesson, it has served its purpose. If you choose to hold onto those negative thoughts, they will begin to form a negative self-image in your mind. This unbalanced view of your talents and strengths holds you back.  
  7. Act differently. Find out what you can do differently to avoid a repeat of your present situation. 
  8. Give yourself some grace. Recognize that you are human. Everyone makes mistakes, but your attitude determines your altitude in life. You are valuable regardless of your present predicament. Your circumstances and experiences provide feedback and an opportunity to learn and grow.CLICK TO TWEET 

When you recognize that you are valuable despite your circumstances, you will begin to make the most of every opportunity. 

Stumbling blocks that you face can become stepping stones to the success you deserve.

Once you recognize your unique talents, gifts, and abilities, you will see life in a whole new way. 


You will seek opportunities to use your talents to bless others. 

You will gain confidence that comes from conquering challenges that once made you cringe.

Make the decision to find your strengths.

Learn from everything and experience the joy you were created to experience.

Instead of tying your self-worth to your circumstances, choose to see things as they really are.

You were created with unique talents and gifts. Go use them!!!

When you find those gifts within yourself and put them to use, you will know how valuable you truly are. 

Now it is your turn.

To Your Health,

Elise Ho, Ph.D., D.N.Psy

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Dr. Elise Ho

Dr. Elise Ho

Dr. Elise Ho is a Natural Health Specialist, CBD Entrepreneur, and Life Skills Counselor.

Dr. Ho offers 30 years of experience and holds multiple certifications and degrees including a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology.

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10 thoughts on “Do You Understand Your Self-Worth?”

  1. Dr. Elise,

    I really like the eight strategies you provide to maintain positive self-worth. And I love this; my self-worth is not defined by my circumstances. It isn’t. Circumstances are what they are. We can’t let them; good or bad, define who we are or our self-worth.

  2. Hi Elise,
    I’m about to read a very thought provoking book called “Create Your Future and the author talks about not being your past. I wonder how your break from not being your past. So it’s an interesting concept- one I agree with.

  3. Good morning Dr. Ho. I found your post through its feature on the Blogger’s Pit Stop. There is a lot of good advice in here. I especially like “Learn from everything and experience the joy you were created to experience.” That sums up life pretty well. If you can do those two things, you’re in good shape. Thanks and have a lovely day!

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