What Would A Reformed Foodie Do?

Reformed Foodie

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What Would A Reformed Foodie Do?


The truth is, there are foodies and then there are foodies! Some simply enjoy good food and are always on the lookout for something that is tasty yet wholesome.

Others will go above and beyond.

They will eat any treat that delights the senses, especially the visual senses.

There is almost no way to stop someone who is not a reformed foodie.

They are in for the experience until every last bite is gone or at least until the fancy pictures are taken.



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There is no reason why you can’t enjoy good food without going to extremes.

Foodies who have learned to tone it down a bit often refer to themselves as “reformed foodies” but in truth, we are still foodies. The difference is that they have found ways to enjoy good food that won’t put a dent in their pockets and a few extra notches in their belts.


A Reformed Foodie Does Research


Another of the top tips from reformed foodies comes in the form of learning to educate yourself.

It isn’t always enough to hear that high fat diets can cause cardiovascular disease. Sometimes it takes researching the various diseases caused by fat cells floating through their veins.

The latest research has found that overweight people are likely to have more serious cases of Covid-19 than those who have an ideal BMI. Click To Tweet 

What researchers have found is that the virus attacks fat cells, making it more severe in overweight individuals. Maybe this will help foodies lead a healthier lifestyle.

A Reformed Foodie Is A Mindful Eater


Make no mistake about it. Everyone loves good food but when it consumes you rather than the other way around, you may have a problem. 

One way to gain control is to exert more mindfulness.

A Reformed Foodie Cooks and Bakes at Home


The next easiest way to cut down on the high-caloric foods you eat is to learn to make them at home. Not only can you alter the recipes with low fat, sugar-free ingredients but you can also learn to substitute healthier ingredients at the same time.

Reformed foodies advise food addicts to avoid eating between meals and to eat more at home


When you cook at home you are more in control of what is in your food. Click To Tweet


A Reformed Foodie Loves Their Kitchen


One of the most common tips from reformed foodies is in terms of making your kitchen into a place you’d be happy to spend time in.

If you find that your kitchen isn’t set up so that you can enjoy your kitchen then it may be time to get a bit of help redesigning your layout.


kitchen upgrade
Is Your Kitchen Upgrade Overdue?

Checkout bespoke kitchens at sites like nonpareilsolutions.co.uk to begin planning your kitchen with an adequate prep area.

For More Info About Good Food from a foodie who would be categorized as a reformed foodie as I will not just eat something because it is pretty. Health matters.


Grow your own food
Grow Your Own Food
Healthy Eating Habit
Creating A Healthy Eating Habit

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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  1. love this article. I am a foodie lol and I love my kitchen. I always try to make the low-calorie recipe at home.

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