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Raising Healthy Kids: Simple Tips For Parents

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Raising Healthy Kids


From the moment you hold your newborn in your arms, your priority becomes taking care of that precious bundle. Every parent wants to raise happy and healthy kids.

However,  it’s not always easy to look after kids. Illnesses and infections tend to fly around, and children are more susceptible to ailments. In this guide, you will find simple tips to help you raise healthy, happy kids


Active lifestyles


Exercise is beneficial for children and adults alike. The earlier you can get your kids used to physical activity, the better. Encourage active pursuits, have fun exercising together and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Go for walks together, run around the garden, organize family bike rides and explore activities such as dancing, team games and outdoor sports.


Pictured: Jenna ,2002


Physical activity is beneficial for growth and development and heart health. As well, it plays an integral role in supporting mental health. Playing sports and letting off steam reduces stress and enables kids to have fun. Regular exercise also aids sleep quality and it can help children to express themselves and process emotions. 


Routine checks and assessments


Health experts recommend regular checks and assessments for children. This helpful to monitor development and ensure that any signs and symptoms of delayed development or health issues are identified as early as possible. Hearing tests, eye examinations and dental checks are examples of assessments and appointments that may be recommended for your child. You can learn more about hearing tests for children online or ask your audiologist or family doctor for more information. It’s also important to reach out and schedule appointments. If you have any concerns between checks be sure to get advice.

If you are worried about your child’s hearing, you think they may have signs of dental issues, you’re concerned about their mobility, or they’re not communicating with you, don’t hesitate to seek advice.


Healthy eating


Most parents have experience of troubles with toddlers over eating their greens. It can be difficult to encourage children to eat a healthy, balanced diet. However, the foods they eat play an integral role in development and growth. If we wish to raise healthy kids we must teach good food habits. Set a good example and add vegetables anywhere that you can. When catering for kids, try to limit sugar and salt content and include a wide range of ingredients. 


Sleep routines


Sleep routines are important for children and adults. Most parents devote hours to getting their kids into a routine, which enables them to get enough sleep. Some children sleep well from the early days. 


Making sure that we teach our kids good sleep habits will give them the best chance to be truly happy and healthy kids. #sleephabits #healthychildren Click To Tweet


Pictured, Keanu, 1995


Many parents have problems getting their children to sleep through the night.

Establishing routines can help kids to adjust to sleep times and also make life easier for parents.

In the very early days, babies will sleep as and when they need. However, once they reach the toddler years, it’s that much more important to be consistent with nap times and bedtimes so that your child’s body clock adjusts.

Encourage your child to relax before they go to bed. Run a bath and read a story together to help them wind down and prepare for sleep. Regular exercise, avoiding eating before bed and creating a tranquil sleep environment can all help. 


Having fun together


Mental health is as important as physical health. Studies show that mental illness has become more prevalent in young children and stress levels are rising. Try to ensure you spend quality time with your kids and make the most of weekends and evenings. Have fun together. Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch at home with a movie or you’ve planned a weekend away, focus on having fun together.

Pictured, Devon and Grandma, 1997


You don’t need to spend a fortune or pack your schedule full of trips and outings to make your children feel loved, treasured and valued. Encourage them to be confident, reassure and support them and ensure that they feel able to talk to you if they feel down or they need advice. 

Raising children is never easy. Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. This often involves overcoming obstacles along the way. It’s impossible to avoid every illness. However,  these tips can help to reduce risks and boost health and wellbeing for the whole family.

Try to be active together, eat well, get enough rest, have fun as a family and seek advice if you have concerns or you need help or support.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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24 thoughts on “Raising Healthy Kids: Simple Tips For Parents”

  1. Great advice! I am currently looking for fun activities that we can do as a family. That way we are having fun together, but also getting in some exercise!

  2. Thanks for reminding all these. Parents tend to be so busy that they forget doing simple bonding moments like this.

  3. I definitely agree that mental health is just as important as physical health, it is important to ensure that kids are not stressed all the time. Exercise and food as really important as well, there is no doubt in that!

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