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6 Potential Challenges To Pursuing Your Dream Career

Pursuing Your Dream Career

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Pursuing Your Dream Career may have challenges.


Perhaps you work for someone else and you wonder whether there is more to life than working for someone else.

Many people start their careers working for someone, but only a few decide to follow their dreams. As you plan your dream career path, you might be considering becoming an entrepreneur who owns their own enterprise and excels. 


But while this is a great way to showcase your professional independence, pursuing your dreams also comes with many challenges. Facing and overcoming these challenges is vital for ensuring success, so it’s important to know the most common difficulties you are likely to encounter. 

You’re Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone 


Starting a business can feel liberating, but it also means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and away from the safety net that another type of job offers. Before, you waited for your boss to assign you projects and give you a list of things to do. You were given clients, and that was it. 


Now, you’re responsible for everything. You basically have to start from the bottom and work your way up. This is intimidating, but it also encourages a growth mindset that forces you to learn on the job and do. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to earn a living.

You Will Compare Yourself To Others 


You likely started a business because you were inspired by people you see online or even those you know in your personal life. Perhaps, you see how successful they are and now you want a piece of that, too. But this attitude can inspire achievable expectations if you don’t immediately experience success. 


Comparing yourself to others is fine in small doses, but remember that everyone has different experiences and starts at different stations. If you constantly compare yourself to other people, you will never feel satisfied, and this could affect your business’ growth.

You Will Worry About Failing 


Similarly, the fear of failure is always present when you start a business. You are taking a huge risk, especially if you have a family to care for, so you’re worried that one wrong move could cause your business to fail. 


It’s a scary thought, but you shouldn’t let it petrify you too much, as this can lead to procrastination as you avoid positive progress that should help establish your business in your industry. Failure is terrifying, but it’s less likely to happen if you give the business everything you have. Even if your business doesn’t survive as long as you think, you’ll at least know you tried everything you could. 

Or Striving For Perfection Too Often 


However, just as a fear of failure can restrict you from achieving your potential, so too can chasing perfection in everything. Ensuring everything is perfect before you send projects to clients, put together your company logo, or write a blog post can force you to hold off far too much, meaning you miss deadlines and waste time. 


Often, there are only small problems that many people won’t notice, and these issues don’t even matter a lot of the time, either. So, while you might want to be perfect, remember that good enough is, well, good enough!

You May Encounter Financial Struggles 


Financial issues are common during the first few years of owning a business. It can take years for you to turn a profit, or you might even struggle to find a financial firm that wants to work with you depending on the type of business you’re running. Since some professions, like dating sites, come with an increased risk of fraud, looking for the best ways to get a merchant account for your online dating site is vital. 


These services can help you establish your business, increase legitimacy, and ensure you can receive payments from customers without worrying about potential issues like hacking to give you a stable financial foundation. 

You Might Look For Shortcuts 


It’s always tempting to look for shortcuts that help you get rich quickly when you’re running a business. Unfortunately, these get-rich-quick schemes don’t exist, otherwise, everyone would be doing them, right? 


So, even though you want to find shortcuts that will propel your business forward, you won’t get anywhere without hard work. Even if you somehow magically stumble across something that pushes your brand forward, you still don’t have their experience or genuine support to continue, meaning one bad month could spell disaster. 



Pursuing your dream career comes with many challenges but it also brings plenty of opportunities and potential. It won’t be a walk in the park, but you already know that. So, understanding which challenges you’re likely to face and knowing how to solve or overcome them will help you establish your business and help you excel as an entrepreneur. 


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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14 thoughts on “6 Potential Challenges To Pursuing Your Dream Career”

  1. This is great advice for pursuing your dream career, and what pitfalls to watch out for. I had a hard time adjusting to the “real world,” and was put off of my dream career for a few decades. I could have used this advice.

  2. These are all valid points when it comes to changing jobs. I searched for a long time to find something that would allow me to work around the school year schedule – that was a huge hurdle.

  3. It’s true that starting a business can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking full responsibility for everything can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s also an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You might find yourself comparing your progress with that of other successful business owners, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is different. So, focus on your own path, learn from your experiences, and keep moving forward. The rewards of building a successful business are definitely worth the effort!

    1. Sonia, thank you for such a well thought out and shared response. Having your own business offers unique , and often stressful, challenges but the rewards can also be quite profound.

  4. I worry a lot about the “what ifs” and it definitely holds me back a bit, it is something I need to work on. Great article!

  5. I’ve been a professional Virtual Assistant for about 10 years, and I can say that a huge hurdle is striving for perfection. It’s a pitfall that those of us who are self-employed often succumb to. We take the idea of doing our best to an unhealthy, unsustainable extreme.

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