A Prayer for My Boobies

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All of this waiting to hear about my boobies is just too much.

I want some news about my boobies.

I have called the diagnostic center to see if my results are in yet.

The information that I received was not thrilling. I was told that they are backed up. Results will not be available until tomorrow, or Wednesday.

Of course, I am not thrilled but I also realize that I am quite at peace.

I believe that I am fine and that this “abnormal breast tissue” is benign.

I cannot express well enough how grateful I am to all those that have reached out to me. The expressions of sympathy, empathy, love, and support have been inspiring.

Many of you have offered prayers.  I very much appreciate those that have done so on my behalf.

The prayer comments are awesome.


 I have a direct line.

That one was said upon learning about other people’s prayers.

I will say a prayer for your boobies.

I love it. A prayer for your boobies. OMG, what a hoot. Thank you.


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11 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Boobies”

  1. Elise,
    These tests can be scary. There are so many alternative ways to get treated if the diagnosis is not good. Hopefully your test results are benign and you don’t even have to think about that. I know that you know so much about diet and nutrition and health. My prayers are with you. Now I will have to read your next post.

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