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How Can I Practice Self-Care?

self care

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How Can I Practice Self-Care?


When we talk about self-care we may think of bubble baths, reading, or meditation. However, the truth is that self-care can be much more.


One of the biggest things about self-care is that many people still aren’t taking the time to think about how they will feel when they do it. Sadly, many people do not feel as if they deserve it. 


Self-care has a positive effect on our mental health, as well as helping us get to know our bodies a little more, depending on the type of self-care that you do. 


In a world that is always busy, bustling, and active there is a lot of demand for people to have seemingly endless energy, work 24/7, take care of the home, the children, their spouses, and more. #emotionalhealth Click To Tweet


Self-care isn’t just something nice to do for yourself; it can be the balance you need to tackle your life. 


What is self-care? 


Self-care can be summed up in a short sentence, but what it means to the individual may vary. At its very base, self-care gives your mind, body, emotions, and soul adequate attention for your wellbeing. 


How can I practice self-care?


Since it is such a broad term, you might feel overwhelmed when someone says that you need to practice some self-care. This is even more likely if you haven’t actively done it before or you haven’t really considered what you need. 


Here is a range of things that can help you create a self-care routine that will impact you over time. 




Many people are guilty of avoidant the doctor, the dentist, and other health care professionals. That ache in the back, the pulled neck muscle, and the recurring toothache. While for some, it is about finding the time to get to the health professional, for others, it is because they don’t feel like their problem is important. Taking care of your health is self-care 101. 




When was the last time you took a deep breath that filled your upper chest and your belly too? Most of us don’t even think about it, which means that most of us are shallow breathing. Take a big deep breath a few times and let your tummy rise and fall too. 




If you often have things on your mind, and you don’t quite know how to sort through them, this can mean your thoughts are often muddy, and you can feel overwhelmed. A great step in your self-care is to give yourself smaller bite-sized well-ordered lists. Your list will be your daily guide for what you need to focus on and what you don’t. 




Rest is not a luxury; it is something that our bodies and mind need to rejuvenate. The hustler mentality prevalent online gives the impression that rest should be earned. In reality, though, everyone deserves rest – even if you haven’t done anything today. Rest when you need to, and start to remove the guilt from it. 




Our bodies love to move, and even if you have a limited range of motion or mobility issues, it is important to find the right support to help you move. If you can go and walk every day, try to make sure that you do. 


A huge area that you can focus on to begin to take care of yourself is your emotional wellbeing. If you find that you have a short temper or get upset quickly, this can help: How To Become A Calmer Person – Ask Dr. Ho


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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