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Why Are Podcasts So Popular?’

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No matter what you want to listen to, there is a podcast that will offer you exactly what you are looking for. Although podcasts have been around in some form for many years, it is only in the last three years that podcasts have exploded in popularity. There is a podcast that covers whatever you want to listen to, from horror and true crime to a health and parenting podcast

So why are podcasts so popular? 


The Future 


Social media has been thriving, but younger generations are less likely to have Facebook or Twitter because they have seen social media’s impact on mental health. Podcasts offer a clean and easy listening experience and a way to enjoy thought-leaders, topics, and other things that aren’t in the same style as other social media. 




Having a community, whether online, in-game, under youtube channels, or through podcasts, you can find your people and not feel alone. Book podcasts about productivity, true crime, or motherhood; there is a community for you. 


Even people who struggle in real-life social events can create a social community online if they want to – and it is a pressure-free environment when you are all there because you have the same interests. 


No commitment 


Podcasters have started to invest time in making multiple episodes covering a single topic so that their listeners don’t feel pressured to listen to a 5-hour podcast. We can pause after 5 minutes or listen to the whole five episodes because it works with how much time you have. 


They fit into your lifestyle with ease. You could be cleaning the toilets, working on a project, relaxing, driving, or walking. If you want a few days without internet or are traveling with no signal for a while, you can download enough episodes to see you through. 




Although there are no doubt podcasts that can help you with your intimate relationships – there is an intimacy built with the hosts. Over time you will learn more about them, and tuning in to the episodes will start to feel like you are listening to a friend tell you a story. 




Perhaps one of the best things is that when you find new podcasts, there are usually hundreds of episodes that you can catch up on. They might not be sequential either, so you can pick and choose the topics or the titles that interest you most and go on an exploratory content journey. 




Experts take to the airwaves in podcasts and can teach you new skills, give you new ideas, introduce you to new theories, and more. Podcasts are an easy and low-effort way to expand our lives in the best ways. Podcasts can support your desire to grow, thrive, deal with trauma, and more. 


Expanding your horizons in a safe place without judgement and at your own pace is what podcasts offer. 


Finding the right podcasts can help with a positive and forward-facing mindset: Mindset Archives – Ask Dr. Ho

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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