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November Happiness + Goals & Things To Look Forward To

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November Happiness + Goals & Things To Look Forward To

November Happiness, that sounds like a lovely post idea.

I choose to speak of November Happiness because one of the things I am most looking forward to is having all three of my kids home, under the same roof at the same time.

I have done these types of post two times before. Those were Looking Back on September and The October Plan and Reflecting on August And Achieving September Goals.  A few really fabulous things have come out of those posts.

  1. I have been able to connect with my readers (i.e. supporters) in a new way.
  2. Reflecting on the prior month very much helps to bring clarity to what is next.
  3. I have inspired others to do the same.

That alone brings me much “November Happiness.”

So let’s dig in.


October kicked off with a belated celebration of the Jewish holidays with my family. As many of you know, I was raised in a Jewish household and followed the religion for much of my young life. As I got older, my views expanded and my connection to Judaism decreased. However, I still think that it is incredibly important that our children understand that which is their heritage so we celebrate the holidays in our own way. Generally, we observe the traditions, review what the holiday is about and why many Jewish people believe what they do. As our kids have gotten older (18, 20 & 22) they make their own decisions about what religion (if any) that they wish to follow. They (and I) align with Buddhism but that is a completely different post.

Our home renovation continues to move on…it has been a slow but exciting process.

My favorite event this past month was a fabulous one put on by The Whole Purpose called Fall Into Health. You can read about that HERE.

My other big focus was writing new programs for my coaching clients and I also had my Iridology students. If you are interested in Iridology, the reading of the Iris of the eye for hints on health and how to repair health, then check out those classes HERE.

As I did all of this I also reflected on my messaging. What I mean by this is the clarity that I offer to others about what I do and how I can help them. I think it is a little muddled so I will be working on that.

I teach natural health classes, am a Wellness/Relationship/Parenting Coach and a Lifestyle Blogger/Freelance Writer & Speaker.

I am guessing that after reading the above statement you can see exactly what I mean.

As I look at November, I will be working on the clarity of my message. Additionally, I am doing quite a bit of batch blogging. What that means is that I choose a subject and write several posts on that topic or related topics.

Batch Blogging is very beneficial for many reasons.

  1. I can dig into a subject on a much deeper level when I am writing several blog posts.
  2. I avoid the overly long posts that can become overwhelming to the reader.
  3. Several related subjects can come up and be explored in an additional linked post.
  4. The reader can gain additional knowledge.
  5. Several posts on a related subject are very beneficial for domain authority.
  6. My writing time is more focused and therefore more efficient.

There is so much more I can say about batch blogging. Additionally, I have plenty of tips to share. Watch for it on the blog. Better yet…

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On other news this month I will be releasing another interesting business blog series, I am introducing more mommas and poppas in the parenting series, I will be talking about the things you can do to improve your health and I am very excited to share bunches of holiday tips, recipes + the inside scoop on the LA Baby Show. I am sure there will be more too…it will be fun to see what unfolds.

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So, I guess that wraps it up.

Please let me know in the comments below what you have going on in November. If there are certain subjects that you want me to cover, or dive into more deeply on the Ask Dr. Ho site please let me know that in the comments too.

Thank you. Enjoy your November Happiness.

Please use the comment section below to share your tips, questions, and/or thoughts about this post.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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101 thoughts on “November Happiness + Goals & Things To Look Forward To”

  1. Thank you Dr Elise & Enjoy your November Happiness. Thinking about trying batch blogging? Do you think it takes more time or less time to batch blog? My dog keeps me pretty busy as it is! Best Regards,

    1. It takes a larger chunk of time when you first sit down but over the course of the month it saves a great deal of time.

  2. I love how you have let your children make their own minds up about Religion and their own beliefs. I wasn’t raised in any Religion and have battled with what I believe for many years, I have chosen a faith school for my child to attend as I believe it is important for him to have a connection to the British culture which many C Of E schools teach.

  3. Nice And Very useful info,
    This article important and really good the for me is.
    Amazing write-up,Great article.
    your info is quite helpful to forever.
    Keep it up and thanks to the writer.

  4. Hi Dr. Elise,
    Nice to read about your happiness in Nov with your family home.
    I liked your suggestions on batch blogging. Being focused and more efficient, related posts very beneficial for domain authority. I like to dig in on a deeper level as well so I will follow your lead on batch blogging. PS Signed up for your tips! Happy Nov Elise.

  5. Hello Dr Elise! what a great post, sounds like you have an exciting month ahead of you my friend! I too like this idea of yours called, batch blogging! HUM? I am so all over this.. Thank you so much for the inspiration this evening.. Chery :))

  6. Hi Elise! I love the idea of batch blogging. I’ve been doing something similar, in writing several 5- and 10-part series on different topics. And every couple of months I add a new 30 day challenge, so that for 30 days I’m writing on the same topic. Like you, I wear many different hats and have trouble explaining to people exactly what I do. I will join you in getting clear on my messaging through this month.

  7. Hi Dr. Elise,

    Really happy you’ll have all three children home this month. Enjoy them while you can.

    Like the ‘batching’ idea and might consider using the strategy for some subjects I’ve hesitated to approach. Thanks,

  8. Fall is a time to gather with family and loved ones to gather with family and loved ones to comfort, share and laugh. This is what the holidays are all about.

  9. I am prepping for a house remodel, launching a gift guide with SheSpark and traveling to MI for Thanksgiving. Love the cooler weather— it clears the mind and energizes!

  10. I make a point of taking the last day of every month as a review day to look back on my goals for the month, what did/did not work and why, tweak as necessary. This process helps me to create a sense of continuity, planning for the new month a breeze and doing a year-end review a no-brainer. In November I’m doing a LOT of writing and updating. I’m in the process of updating my books, especially my first book for the 5th-anniversary edition. And I’ve also started my annual blog review. Darren Rowse over at Problogger got me hooked on this ritual – I run a broken link checker, tweak and update some of the old posts, etc. This is my third year so now it’s fairly easy to do and I’ve found it to be well worth the effort. So, here’s to a fulfilling month for us all!

  11. That sounds like a great idea, Elise: batch blogging. I think I’ll give it a go. I think it would up my SME standing as an empowerment and transformation coach.

  12. Bethany Naismith

    Sounds waaay more productive than my October, and batch blogging is something I’ve never tried, definitely need to look into this though!

  13. I am a big fan of batch blogging – I travel a lot so need to have stuff in the ‘bank’ so to speak to cover me when I am away. Good luck with your goals

  14. I like the idea of batch blogging! I don’t have much going on. My husband and I don’t have kids and to be honest I don’t like the craziness of this time of year. I’m looking forward to getting through the Holiday’s and the cold weather and am ready for summer again lol.

  15. The batch blogging idea is a brilliant one and like you say it’s easier to write about a topic more without having so much information in one post.

  16. Taiwo Emayosanlomo

    Hi Dr. Elise,
    Great post! I so much admire your planning skill and how much you are in control of your time.
    On religion, I like your open-mindedness, and the fact that you allow your children to chose their own religion.
    On batch blogging, that is a new term for me. I see it as a form of series. It is worth doing. One of its advantages is that the posts can easily be converted into an eBook since they are related.
    I am inspired. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, it has been years of practice to gain that skill and control. I like to teach it to others so they do not have to wait so long to practice this helpful skill.Thank you also for your comment about my openmindedness and allowing the kids to make choices for themselves.

      I am excited to have exposed you to a new idea and you are exactly writing it makes a great conversion to an ebook and even to a free opt-in.

      Take care.

  17. Hi Elise,

    It sounds like we are on similar paths this month! I too have been making adjustments on branding etc. I’ve been doing batch blogging and not even realizing there was a term for it – lol – Currently I’ve got about 20 half started drafts across 3 – 4 different topics. I still end up with big reads though! You’ve passed on a great little tip with batch blogging!

    Thanks for a great read 🙂

  18. It is wonderful that you have taught your children about their Jewish heritage while still allowing them to explore religion on their own as individuals. I am not very good at batch blogging but I can see why it is so efficient.

  19. This is my first time hearing of batch blogging, it’s a great technique! I have 4 main categories I post about, and try to rotate through the week so that it’s not too much of one category.

  20. It is great that you find that batch blogging works for you and sometimes it does help to plan blogs in advance! I tend to write posts at the weekend but I find I write my best posts when they are not planned and are in the moment!

    1. I can certainly understand that. It is another reason why I like batch blogging. Basically, once I get into a topic I tend to stay there for a bit as I want to share as my knowledge or insight as I can on the subject.

  21. When I do a film review,I tend to aim between 1,000-2,000 words as I too worry about being overlong. Of course it depends on the length of the film as well.
    When I write for me,then I write until I am done. I am writing what I want and how I feel and I don’t care what anyone thinks,I just need to get it out.

    1. Give it a try. For instance, you could batch this recipe post and write several other recipe posts in that batch. At the end of the batch, you can even do a bonus post that mentions your favorites out of all of them.

  22. I like your idea of batch blogging! I sometimes find myself writing about something more than once and wasn’t sure if that was good, but the way you explain it it makes sense that it’s a good thing.

  23. I love how you have let your children make their own minds up about Religion and their own beliefs. I wasn’t raised in any Religion and have battled with what I believe for many years, I have chosen a faith school for my child to attend as I believe it is important for him to have a connection to the British culture which many C Of E schools teach. I also love the idea of batch blogging xx

  24. I want to start batch blogging I am sure it would make such a difference. I try write a few blog posts in a day

  25. I find the batch blogging process so interesting! I’ll admit, it’s not something I’m able to do – I guess I just have too much on my plate right now. So I just stick to one long-ish post (with a ton of sub-headings and white space and bullet points!) a week and this seems to work for me. Though maybe one day I’ll try the batch blogging again – I think a series would be really fun to do!

  26. I like the idea too of looking at what has passed, and celebrating what is to come. I love your blog and that iridology sounds fascinating! I would definitely be interested. Will save this post to come back to later. Thanks for sharing.

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