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I Am A Football Mom

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I am a football mom but I was never a football fan.

I did not grow up watching football on TV.

The people around me watched football quite regularly.


I did not watch my high school football games because I did not really care.


Playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, or reading a book was much more important to me.


I have attended one professional football game in my life. I was a teenager and it was the Jets vs. Giants.

I thought it was fun, though much of the time I did not really understand what I was watching.

I am a football mom and now I have a different perspective.

My friends and I went to a college game wherein USC played Arizona.

I do not watch it a lot and I am almost always just interested in two players.

It does not matter to me which team the players are playing for.

I only care if they are a left tackle. Although, now that is expanding as my son explores different positions. Offensive, Defensive, right tackle, left tackle. The line is of particular interest to me due to the fact that my sons are linemen.

I watch the referees and I try to understand all the different penalties. It is confusing.

If you grab someone here than it is fine but if you grab them there than it is not.

Block here or block there. Chop this or illegal that.

It is important to know so much, but what I really know is that I like the sound the helmets make when they make contact. I wonder if the boys find that as exhilarating as I do. I wonder if I am C-R-A-Z-Y.

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Elise Ho
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Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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