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My 18 Year Old Baby

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My oldest “baby” has turned 18 !!!


In many ways he is still my little boy but then there are the other ways in which he is not…

1 -He will graduate from high school in that fabulous cap and gown.

…where did the time go ? 


I remember bringing him to school on that very first day. It was Miss Hettig’s class and she would prove to be an incredible influence in our whole families life as the years progress. Mr Hettig was “Zero the Hero” in my beautiful boys kindergarten class…It is fitting that he finished his high school career in Mr. Hettig’s class. This brother and sister are both teachers and they have begun and ended my child’s  k-12 education. We all grew up a little in that Kindergarten class and in all the years that followed.

2. He will begin college.


This is such an interesting time as he will further step away from us but has chosen to live at home, at least for now. In some ways things will be the same but in so many ways they will drastically change.  For one thing, it is now officially time to parent  an adult and this is an incredibly different thing than parenting a child… They still require guidance but they also require the room to function as an adult…my baby is not a baby anymore….

3. He has a job.


He had decided that he wanted to work and so he got a job. It was not a very difficult, or long process, for him to do so. He enjoys his work and especially enjoys his paycheck. He receives regular compliments from his employer.  I am proud to have raised someone who is respected at his job.

4. He has put together a good group of friends and is definitive in his values.

He does not let people sway him from his beliefs. I am proud of his strength.

5. He will begin the process of choosing a career and making an adult life.

He is my baby, and he always will be, but I also have to let him grow up. I sit here crying as I think of the boy he was, the man he is and the hero he will become.

My adorable little baby who was just 7 pounds 4 ounces when he was born is now a full grown man. 


I will miss that baby. However, I also look forward to getting to know this man that has taken his place.

I love you, son.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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7 thoughts on “My 18 Year Old Baby”

  1. Keanu has been enjoying college. He is taking some interesting classes and we are settling into life with a young man.

    One of his last high school assignments was to create a “How To” video. The link is below and I hope that you will enjoy his “How to Make Guacamole” video.

    Thank you to everybody for your love and support.

  2. Keanu is a wonderful person and a great grandson. He listens to my stories
    and wants to know more. He makes a person feel important. That’s a true
    Leader and he will go along way. Love Grandma

  3. Elise Cohen Ho

    John, thank you. I think every stage of their life is an amazing time…but I know I am preaching to the choir on that one. Thank you for all of your support. Your children are very lucky to have you.

  4. Elise Cohen Ho

    Marlene, thank you on all counts. I remember when he was born and you would stay up in the middle of the night just have alone time with him as, even then, he was a night owl !!

  5. Wonderful writing, as we all know after this page is another chapter in your book of life. You will love the new chapter when child becomes adult. Knowing my children as adults has enriched my life! It is an amazing time.

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