Men’s Wellness Summit

men's wellness summit

There are many issues of Men's Wellness that can be prevented or treated if diagnosed early.

Common Men’s Wellness Issues include Heart Disease, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Depression and Erectile Dysfunction.


Preventable conditions, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, continue to kill men at higher rates than any other chronic condition. Click To Tweet



Learn about the most important chronic conditions facing men today at the Men’s Wellness Summit.

Men often find themselves stuck, unmotivated and unwilling to participate in their own journeys to improved health.

Men are often scared to know the truth about their health.

They worry that poor health will take them away from work.

They worry that their health condition may somehow make them less of a man.

Feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation, and despondency are crippling men and preventing them from living freely.



Together we can help more men implement these practical ways to improve energy, lose weight, boost brain power, maximize athletic and sexual performance, live longer, have long-lasting relationships and feel better than ever before.


It’s Not Only Women That Suffer From Sex Hormone Imbalances


If you are a man older than age 50, you might be getting flabby and feeling less interested in sex.

Do you see the hair on your legs and chest disappearing?


If so, you might be low in testosterone, which makes you depressed, unmotivated, and mentally dull.

The solutions are simple.


  • Boost testosterone levels (and have better sex!)
  • Reverse heart disease and prevent diabetes
  • Lose weight & maximize athletic performance.
  • Boost brain power, handle stress, reduce anxiety and have great sleep
  • Detox the body of chemicals that negatively impact your health


The Men’s Wellness Summit will teach you how to do this!


The Men's Wellness Summit is online and free from February 26 - March 5, 2018! Click To Tweet




Register now and gain access to more than 30 expert talks.

Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit Banner
Men's Wellness Summit.

About The Author

Dr. Elise Ho

Dr. Elise Ho

Dr. Elise Ho is a Natural Health Specialist, CBD Entrepreneur, and Life Skills Counselor.

Dr. Ho offers 30 years of experience and holds multiple certifications and degrees including a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology.

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35 thoughts on “Men’s Wellness Summit”

  1. Thank you, that looks great. I do try and look after myself and definitely talk about anything I’m going through but there’s always room for improvement. I’m signing up right now!

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  3. I don’t know why some men are so reluctant to pay attention to their bodies or go to the doctor, my husband is terrible! I have to really Nag him to get help for anything but screening for different conditions seems a lot better nowadays so that’s one good thing!

  4. I watched an interesting documentary recently about how hard it was for the health profession to get men involved in birthing at the start, they simply didn’t want to be part of it in any way. Now they nearly always take part in the whole event.

    Enjoy the journey!

  5. Nikki G-

    I am sure this will be full of useful information. I usually think about health in general, but targeting specific topics may be something I need to include.

  6. Agreed! The majority of my clients are woman and they have to beg and plead their husbands to join them in the process of getting healthy, i love this idea!

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