How to Maintain Your Productivity When Working from Home

How To Maintain Productivity When Working From Home

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How to Maintain Your Productivity When Working from Home.


Today, the remote working model has been adopted at rapid rates. Did you know 56% of companies in the world allow remote working? According to Owl Labs, this is the percentage of companies that adopted the working style in 2019 and 2020. Given the current situation faced by the global community, we can no longer ignore the need for alternative working models. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Facility Executive, 88% of companies in the United States have required their employees to work from home to prevent more coronavirus infections.

This has prompted more people to migrate from their regular jobs to remote working. However, there are people who noticed a significant drop in productivity as they aren’t used to this style of working. What they need is just a way to create some work-life balance. That’s why I’ve created this guide to show you how you can keep your productivity levels on top while working from home.


How To Maintain Productivity When Working From Home

Focus on Daily Goals

You may think that having a long to-do list will make you more productive, but it’s not going to work that way. When you set up too many goals for one day, you’ll likely get distracted and leave some tasks uncompleted. So it’s better for you to set up clear and doable goals. When You Visualize Your Goals you are Much More Likely To Reach Them. This helps you to focus on specific tasks so that you won’t get distracted by others you can’t accomplish. 


Organize Your Time

You can get creative with your calendar. Creating an organized schedule for the next day or week will ensure you’ll be more productive even when working from home. The problem with remote jobs is that people don’t have a regular work schedule, which often leads to unproductivity and distractions. Sometimes when your family sees you all day at home they think you’re resting instead of working and they might distract you. So having their cooperation is important. Setting up a work schedule will ensure you focus on the tasks you need to do. You can also let your family know when you start and finish your working day to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Don’t Forget to Take Breaks!

For workaholics, it can be hard to stop working when they’re at home. There is nothing to mark a stop to the day. And even though you’d be inclined to think that non-stop working will make you more productive, it is the other way around. It will only exhaust and deplete you of your mental and physical energy, leaving you constantly tired. Do remember to set breaks during your working hours.


To-Do Lists Are a Great Tool 

Whether you’re a software engineer or a digital marketer, o-do lists will help you prioritize tasks that are more urgent to complete. This way you’ll put more effort into them and work more efficiently. Besides, you’ll be able to keep track of your daily performance. There are a bunch of apps that streamline this process with your team so you can all help each other spot what’s important and remind one another of the best ways to approach the daily tasks.


Commit Publicly 

Letting your team know your daily goals will encourage you to complete those tasks. There will be an implicit pressure on you to finish your daily assignments because you have made your commitments to them. This is a very popular motivational technique and will ensure that you’ll keep the focus on your goals to stay productive.


These are some of the things you could try to stay productive while exercising movement control. Maybe you’re used to working at the office, so remote working is a challenge. However, once you start applying these techniques, you’ll have a more successful remote working routine.


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Naturally Yours,

Elise Ho, Ph.D., D.N.Psy

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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61 thoughts on “How to Maintain Your Productivity When Working from Home”

  1. Great tips for maintaining productivity while at home. I have been working from home for many years now. I have already implemented many of those suggestions. Although there are days, when I get really easily distracted, lol. Good thing I am my own boss, so that is totally okay.

  2. I’ve been doing the work at home thing for several years now, and I can say that these tips are so right on. You have to treat it like you’re at a job at a company. You have to block out time and limit those distractions.

  3. These are great tips! If you’re new to the work from home game, it can be hard to stay focused. I mean, when you think about it, our homes are filled with all the best distractions.

  4. Hi Elise.

    Such a great read ! Love all these tips. Specially the one about creating daily tasks. Which i have been following for the past couple of months and has boosted my productivity !

  5. I work remotely. Sometimes, and I have to say I feel more productive when I work remotely. No commute time to get stress out and no distractions. But yes all the tools you mentioned is great to keep in mind when you work remotely.

  6. Working from home with a 4-year-old and 18-month-old has definitely decreased my productivity. To-Do lists are huge. I keep a running lists. At the end of some days, I look at it and feel successful, some days….not so much

  7. I’m curious if you have any additional insights specifically for parents. I really aspire to do what the article states but sometimes feel overwhelmed with kids.

    1. I suggest developing your Parenting Plan together. Some good questions to ask yourself, and each other: How will you divide up the parenting duties? What do you each need to get your work done? What kind of support do you each expect?

  8. I’ve been working from home for years and these are some great tips. I agree scheduling in your breaks makes a difference. I like to schedule them so I remember to take them, and also so i don’t get distracted while on the break doing something else at home. Great read!

    1. I remember a time when taking breaks was not so difficult. Now we need to schedule them. However, it is absolutely worth the effort. I love that you pointed out that we also get distracted by the things to do at home. Thank you.

  9. Creating a to do list and and a calender of events helps me stay on top of things. I agree with your points as being organized is key.

  10. “Committing publically” is a great strategy, if you are going to actually things done. If you fail, you can be sure so many eyes are on you and mouths are about to be opened for some accountability.

  11. Great tips, Elise. During this pandemic, I am working from home for the first time. I rely heavily on to-do lists, and I have a hard start and stop time (at least as hard as it was when I was actually in the office). I often schedule my exercise class right after work, so that I have incentive to quit on time. As we near a time when the pandemic status of COVID will hopefully be over, I will be happy to get back to the in-person collaboration that comes with being in the office, but I will miss the comforts of home.

    1. The comforts of home are real but the office also offers its own benefits. IYou schedule your exercise at a time that makes it hard to ignore your quitting time. That is a great tip for us all. Thank you for sharing.

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