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How To Maintain A Healthy Home

Healthy Home

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How To Maintain A Healthy Home


There are many different risk factors inside the average home.

Risk factors can be so prevalent that it may, in fact, be overwhelming to consider how exactly to  maintain a healthy home.

Fortunately, figuring it out doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might initially expect. In fact, with just a few key steps you can absolutely create and maintain a healthy home.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on.


Open Windows Often 


It’s absolutely vital that you take the opportunity to open the windows inside your home as often as you can, as this will change the air inside your property providing many benefits. You need to allow fresh air in your home if you want it to smell fresh, plus it’s vital when attempting to avoid a build up of mold. Mold removal services will cost far more than mold prevention, so start by opening your windows every morning to circulate fresh air around your property! Open windows in every room when you first wake up to remove the stale air that has lingered through the night, and throw back your duvet and bed sheets so that the cold air can waft across and discourage bacterial growth. 


Keep Your Toilet Tidy 


Your toilet should be cleaned after every use. It’s extremely rare for this to actually take place inside the average home, but you must make an effort to increase the rate at which you keep your toilet tidy if you want to maintain a healthy home. Each time that you defecate, you need to use some kind of bleach or toilet gel with a toilet brush that can be squirted all around the bowl for you to scrub well. You cannot avoid bleaching your toilet for days and days, as the harmful bacteria will multiply at such a fast rate! Antibacterial wiping your toilet seat every day is also important, especially if you have guests. Different bottoms sitting on the same seat calls for constant wiping! 


Wash Your Bedsheets Once A Week 


Your final step in maintaining a clean and healthy home involves washing and changing your bed sheets once a week. Spending more than 7 days using the same bedsheets is very unhygienic. In fact, it can lead to a number of skin conditions and even infections. Sweat, dust, and debris from the day will come with you into the bed. Set a timer or write a reminder on your calendar to change your bed sheets every week. 


Establishing a healthy home has never been so simple. Simply, take the time to utilize some of the excellent ideas detailed above. 


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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16 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Healthy Home”

  1. These are all great tips to keep the house clean and free from viruses and allergens. I do these tips you shared and they do help with keeping disease causing bacteria, viruses and other allergens at bay.

  2. Great tips for new homeowners and a reminder for those who have lived in their homes for years and need a refresher. I keep getting on my son to wash his sheets once a week!

  3. Keeping toilets clean (and kitchen too) is a must! I usually do this every day. Other parts of the house I tend to get lazy about but it’s so important to regularly clean your toilet.

  4. Veronika Sykorova

    Changing my sheets more often is definitely something I have to do but changing my duvet cover every week is gonna be a workout haha it’s so heavy!

  5. These are great tips. What I love about them is that they’re so easy to do. Most people think of having to make huge, sweeping changes, but you really don’t.

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