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Healthy Living Tips from The Little Health Nut

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Tosca Page has been nominated as Mom Of The Month.

Tosca Page has been nominated by a member of one of her many health-focused endeavors.

This is no surprise as Tosca is wife to husband Bryan and dedicated mother to her two sons (Phoenix, 4 years old and River, 14 months old). in addition to being a  dedicated health enthusiast.   Please join us as we get to know her.

In addition to this, she is a dedicated health enthusiast.   Please join us as we get to know her.

Tosca, please tell us what are you passionate about?

I think everyone grows up having a passion for something. For me, it has always been children. Growing up, I used to daydream about being a parent. Funnily enough, I actually took a “how to be a successful parent” course when I was 11 years old. Everyone thought that it was very cute that I was the youngest person in the class.

I also have a passion for nutrition. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household eating mostly organic, unprocessed food. It makes a world of difference when you can start healthy habits early. I’m so thankful that I had a health conscious Mom.

Who inspires you?

I didn’t realize nutrition was so important until I met a friend that changed the course of my life forever.  I met this beautiful pregnant woman at my midwife’s office one day. We became friends and she taught me all about her way of life. This friend is a Raw Foodie, which means that she eats only uncooked foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and superfoods. She only gained 14 pounds during her pregnancy, lost all the weight in two weeks and looked so amazing! She started teaching me about GMOs and all the junk that is put into our foods these days. My jaw dropped with shock and I immediately began reading anything I could find on the subject. Now because of this, I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to nutrition and helping families.

Can you offer one of your favorite tips for feeding your family?

A great way to sneak nutrition into your family’s diet is Green Smoothies!! I love them because you can throw so many different things in them! It doesn’t matter how picky of an eater your child is that day, you can always compensate with a smoothie. One of our family favorites is “The Purple Smoothie”. This one is great because it’s purple! You can have fun with your kids adding different fruit to make different colored smoothies.

How are you reaching out to help other families?

There are so many parents that want their family to be healthy, but it can be so hard when all the peers are eating junk. I started an organic Moms group. We get the kids together and have fun play dates, picnics, parties, etc. This Easter we’re having an Easter egg hunt where we’re going to hide berries and little toys in the eggs instead of sugary candy. It was a big hit last year!  I also started an organic gardening group to help provide support for people that want to grow their own organic produce. I’m working on this too! There’s nothing like going to your backyard and picking your own produce!! My dream is to have a backyard filled with organic fruit and veggies. I also started a volunteer group, called Green Heart.

I’m just getting this started.

My hope for this group is to help families that can’t afford organic produce, by providing them with free resources that can help them.

My business focuses on making eating healthy fun for children. We have fun, interactive smoothie classes, nutrition classes and food preparation classes.

I am the Little Health Nut.

What choices have you made that you feel benefit your family?

For me, I decided that I wanted to raise my children in a natural way, and with lots of love, and communication.

The top 3 personal choices that I made, which I feel helped our family a lot.

1. I had a natural birth with both my children. My first child was a home water birth with a midwife. My second child was a home unassisted birth. Both these births were the most amazing experiences. It was wonderful to be able to give birth to our children in such a peaceful, loving environment.

2. Our boys eat 100% organic foods. It’s definitely more expensive, but so worth every penny! There is this great quote that says “Have you priced out cancer lately?” That says it all to me. In my opinion, you either invest in yourself now daily, by giving your body the food it needs to flourish or you pay for it later with sickness.

3. We used sign language to communicate with our children early! This was one of the best choices that I could have ever made. To be able to communicate with your child and know what they need so early is so incredible! I feel like it really reduced my children’s frustration, made them feel included and opened up a feeling of trust between us. Now my oldest son is singing with our 14-month-old. It’s so cool to see their bond together because of it. It’s so simple to do! My Smart Hands.

What is next for you and your family?

The next decision I’m facing is schooling! Now that my son is turning 5 I’m deciding what direction I want to take his education. It’s a tough decision. I’ve worked with him since he was really young. I’ve really enjoyed doing learning activities together. I definitely want him to have that social interaction, which makes me lean towards a private school. One private school I really like the look of is Waldorf. It’s unlike any other school I’ve found. They make education such a fun, rich, colorful experience.

If I do decide to go the homeschooling route, I will probably use the Waldorf based homeschooling curriculum. And to solve my dilemma of social interaction, I will most likely enroll my son in lots of fun social activities, like sports, art, music, etc. I will keep you posted.

Tosca, do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share with us?

After going through the beautiful journey of having my two children, I’ve realized that there is no perfect way to parent. Every family is so different. As a parent, you have to navigate through all the “advice” and make the right choices for you and your family.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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