Living With Mental Illness

We need to talk about mental illness.

Disclaimer: Elise Ho, aka “Dr. Ho” is a Holistic Health & Life Coach. Dr. Ho is NOT a medical doctor, licensed therapist, lawyer, or a bevy of other things. Products or services that Dr. Ho believes in are the only ones that she recommends. Dr. Ho may receive compensation, product, or an affiliate commission on anything you see on this site. This is a personal Website solely reflecting Dr. Ho’s personal opinions. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of any organization with which I may be affiliated.

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How I’ve Learned to Live with My Mental Illness.

Dr. Ho is NOT a medical doctor, licensed therapist, lawyer or a bevy of other things. Dr. Ho is a Holistic Life Coach who provides personal, spiritual and business development along with support through natural products such as herbs, essential oils, and CBD.

Products or services that Dr. Ho believes in are the only ones that she recommends.  Dr. Ho may receive compensation, product or an affiliate commission on anything you see on this site. Click HERE to read full disclosure details.

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Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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23 thoughts on “Living With Mental Illness”

  1. My recent Healing Recovery Summit features a mom whose daughter with bipolar disorder had committed suicide. I found that many people on my lists did not want to know about addictions, trauma, suicide or recovery. They seem to want to only focus on the positive things in life – love, romance, successful business, making money, health. For example, 1000 people opened a link about creating the family you love.

    However, people need to hear about the unpleasant aspects of life – disease, mental illness, etc., because sooner or later it affects most of us, if only with a distant relative, neighbor or colleague and maybe not your immediate family.

    Dr. Erica

  2. Hi Elise and Andolina,

    Thanks for such a brave and honest article – and I’m so moved to think that Andolina is using her experiences to help others.

    My own “blues” are nothing in comparison to this, but when I was “down” it did help me to look at how I could be of service in the wider community.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Thank you for sharing a bit about you. I think one of the things we all need to be careful of is comparing ourselves to others. We each have our own personal story and that should be honored.

  3. Elise and Andolina, mental illness is still such a taboo topic! Multiple members of my family have had or continue to deal with depression and other mental health issues. I have friends who live with anxiety, panic attacks, and other illnesses. I have panic/anxiety attacks every so often. Stress is usually my biggest trigger. I am more aware of how I am feeling (emotionally and physically) and tend to notice when a panic attack or my anxiety has started to increase. Thank you, both of you, for helping bring this to where it belongs: In front of those who suffer and those who love or work with them. ~Adrienne

  4. Hi Elise,
    What a great blog you have. Each time I am here, I see a great post that has to do with our physical health. This has to do with our mental health as well as physical. You must provide great support to people with these symptoms.

    1. Janice, thank you very much. I share my passions and what i am drawn to and what I feel people who read my blog can benefit from. I LOVE when guest bloggers join in. There are so many important tips and stories to share.

  5. Very moving. I was just discussing this morning with a friend about how we all deal with things in different ways. She is a Gemini and I am a Cancerian and we have such very different ways of coping with stuff. Part of that is upbringing, we decided, but other parts are really inside of you, part of your make up. Mental Health awareness is really important, it’s very good of you to share so much with us all.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Thank you very much. Sharing is part of my mission to raise awareness and help others. I am hoping that my willingness to share will lead to others being more open about their struggles also. The goal is to let everyone know that no matter your darkest side, you’re not truly alone.

  6. Bravo!

    Mental illness is something people still don’t like to talk about. It can be a range of mild to severe…whatever people seem to be still in the dark ages. Whenever I share that I am treated for depression, people look at me with a queer look on their faces. “Stop Donna…You are never depressed” is the reaction. But it is a real and I only show my happy side. I don’t get a chance to share those dark days because I spend them under my covers. It is a mild thing, but real.

    I have a few family and friends fighting bipolar disorder which is at a high spectrum. Even now…people tend not to talk about it. This post is amazing. A 26 year old mom sharing her experience takes guts. Bravo!


    1. When she and I connected I was so impressed with her willingness to share. This will make a difference in people’s lives. The social stigma that mental illness has stands very much in the way of people getting the help that they need. Thank you for sharing so honestly (as always) of yourself.

    2. Thank you, Donna. Your support is very encouraging. I’m glad Elise allowed me to guest post here. Her blog ties into a lot of my interests, mental health is a huge one.


  7. Chery Schmidt

    Hello Elise! Quite the write up here my friend, it reminded me of a book The Power Of the Subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy! I was given this book while helping a girlfriend of mine beat her cancer and let me tell you it really helped both of us to look at things from in a different light. Have you ever read this book?

    Well it was nice to meet Andolina here today and hear her story, God Bless! Chery :))

    1. Chery, I am interested in checking this book out. One of my bucket list goals is to write a novel (well many actually, haha) about my survival from a suicide loss through mental illness, and finally to happiness and well-being. It’s not easy and sometimes people don’t have the medical options available to them.


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