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The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy damage in New Jersey

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It has been a full week since this natural disaster is known as “Hurricane Sandy” has blown through and left devastation in her path.

Some areas have taken a much harder hit from Hurricane Sandy than other areas and it is hard not to think about the far-reaching damages, but why should we stop thinking about it?

Many of us have the luxury of not having been in the eye of the storm, many of us do not even personally know anyone there. This makes it so much easier to go on with our daily lives but there are so many people suffering HERE IN OUR COUNTRY !!!

Hurricane Sandy Damage in Howard Beach

I saw a Facebook posting of damage in Cuba with the comment of  “We are here too, do not forget about us !!” I agree that we should not forget about Cuba but we also must heal at home.

LA Fitness has opened their doors offering hot coffee, a warm place, and hot showers to all that need it, no membership necessary. A Long Island, New York Skating Rink is offering free ice skating, hot coffee, hot cocoa and hot showers.

Gas is being rationed.

If your license plate ends with an odd number then you can get gas on odd days and an even number means that you can get gas on an even day. One of my family members went to get gas on foot and waited five hours for the privilege of overpaying for something that we all take for granted. He allowed a woman, who was in a t-shirt and shorts despite the cold temperatures, to go in front of him and he paid for her gas. She had five dollars to her name and only the clothes on her back as she attempted to get to her sister’s home.

A restaurant is complaining that the gas line is so long from the station down the street that the entrance to his restaurant is blocked. He hopes that the station will run out of gas in a hurry so that his business can prosper. You read it correctly. NO, the statement does not go with the first two statements.

It is sad that we have many clear examples of the fact that there are also bad seeds.

Many people who have been lucky enough to have their electric restored are opening their homes for hot drinks, hot showers and a place to charge your phone.  This sounds like a great thing. However,  I am also told by many of my fellow New Yorkers that they are afraid to leave their homes for fear of looting.  The same is true of many New Jersey residents. At the same time, many are also afraid to stay at home for fear of break-ins. There have been numerous reports of people dressing up as electric workers and gas workers and gaining unlawful access to homes.  

Fear is everywhere.

The issues that are being dealt with are more far-reaching than many have been giving consideration to. Some people have internet but some people have nothing. Some children are returning to school and others are looking at another week of school that will be missed. Many people can not return to work, which is an especially big problem for the hourly and commissioned workers.  

Businesses as far as California and Florida are not operating at capacity because of internet-based issues and more.

People all over the United States are not receiving their paychecks because their payroll company is in New York. Grocers, restaurants and many other businesses will be closing their doors permanently. This is the effect felt due to stock damage, food damage and loss of revenue.

The New York Marathon was supposed to take place on November 4. This event brings revenue (approximately $340 million) to the city. However, it also utilizes an extreme amount of emergency workers, first responders, and generator power. The media tent keeps three generators on hand. One of these is for emergency back up while the other two generate enough power for 400 houses. There is also the matter of port-a-potties and other items that would be of extreme use to those with no running water, food or electric. Instead of canceling immediately Mayor Bloomberg pushed forward. In an interview, he defended his decision to have the marathon as late as Friday stating that “we have to keep moving forward.”

The marathon was finally canceled later that same day.  

Sadly, this did not mean that those desperately in need would receive the resources they need.

Space blankets, bottled water, and crates of apples and peanuts would not be theirs to use. The dozen, or more, generators that sat in Central Park throughout the weekend would not be delivered. This due to “logistical difficulties.”  However, it did mean that the hurricane victims sleeping in hotels would not be evicted.


Certainly, the election taking place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, is also affected.


President Barack Obama hugs Donna Vanzant, the owner of North Point Marina, as he tours damage from Hurricane Sandy in Brigantine, N.J., Oct. 31, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Some say Barack Obama has already won the election based on his actions during this time. Alternatively, there are others that say he already lost it because of his lack of action.  Obama visited New Jersey, seemingly to show support while others say it was simply a photo op.

Hurricane Sandy victims please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many people.

With Love,

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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