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3 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working

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Stay Healthy While Working 


A lot of people find it hard to stay healthy while working a full-time job. This is usually due to a time management or availability issue. However,  it can also be related to being stressed, tired (or perhaps utterly exhausted) due to the work they have to do, which might include long hours. 


Add to this the fact that there may be a lot of unhealthy snacks within easy reach, the opportunity to eat out at lunch, and potentially a lack of sleep involved, and you might find that staying healthy and working appear to be mutually exclusive. 


It does not have to be this way, however much it might feel like it. It’s possible to work full-time and be healthy, whether you work from home or go to an office every day. Read on for some tips to help you organize a healthier schedule for your life.


Go To The Gym In The Morning 


If you often find yourself starting the day with good intentions that you’ll exercise later when all your work is finished, that you’ll go to the gym on the way home from work or you’ll follow an exercise video once you get settled after your commute, or even that you’ll head out for a walk or a run once you shut your laptop down for the day after working at home, do you follow through on your promises to yourself? 


Some will, but a lot of the time it just seems like a step too far after you’ve been working hard. Instead, you tell yourself you’ll exercise for twice as long tomorrow, or you’ll catch up in the week at some point. Of course, this rarely happens. 


This is why it’s best to exercise first thing in the morning. Get up thirty minutes earlier and work out at home before having a shower and breakfast (although always have some water before and during your workout). Or leave home earlier and go to the gym on the way to work rather than on the way back. In this way, you’ll get your exercise out of the way early in the day, you’ll be doing something healthy for your body, and your mood will improve too, thanks to the serotonin you produce. You just need to remember to pack your specialist gym clothing from The Iconic and you’ll be comfortable and safe while helping your body get fit. 


Drink Water


We briefly mentioned water above, but you shouldn’t only drink it when you’re exercising; if you want an easy way to stay healthy when you’re working, the key is to sip on water throughout the day. Always have a reusable bottle of water on your desk or near you wherever you’re working, and every few minutes, take a drink from it. When it’s empty, just fill it up from a tap or fountain. 


Staying hydrated is a simple thing to do that has a big impact on your health. If you don’t drink enough, you’ll get headaches, your organs won’t work as well as they should, you’ll ache, you’ll be slower in your reactions and your decision-making, and your mood will be low, among other issues. 


Drinking water constantly during the day means you’ll never run the risk of being dehydrated and your body can work the way it’s meant to, keeping you healthy and energized when you need to be. 


Eat A Healthy Breakfast


If you commute to work, do you often leave the house without eating anything? If you work from home, do you get started as soon as you get up and forget or ignore the need for breakfast? Many people skip breakfast, but this is a bad idea that can have major negative consequences for your health.  


Again, it might be a question of waking up a little earlier to ensure you have time to eat. Or perhaps you can keep breakfast items at the office, so that even if you are in a rush, you can still have breakfast when you arrive at work. Maybe a smoothie will be the answer; it’s quick, easy, and nutritious. Some people like to set their breakfast out the night before (this is easy when it comes to something like oats that can even be cooked overnight). Whatever option you choose and however you do it, eating breakfast is crucial to help yourself stay healthy. 


If you don’t eat breakfast, your body will have to go longer without any nutrition. This means your blood sugar will drop (and so will your mood), and you’ll find it hard to focus and be productive. Another issue is that when you do eat, you’ll be so hungry you might eat more than is healthy, plus your body might store more of the food as fat to ensure that, if it goes a long time without good again, it has reserves to keep the energy levels up. This means you’ll put on weight, even if you regularly skip meals. 

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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