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Four Steps To Finding Happiness


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How To Be More Successful Finding Happiness


When working on finding happiness you want to be well and joyful. You must live on your terms and do more of what makes you feel alive.


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Finding Happiness
Pictured, Elise & Henry Ho ~June, 2004


Learn what you can do to have more success and enjoy more everyday happiness.


Identify Your Strengths


If you’re going to find a job and career you love then it’s wise to first identify your strengths. In this way you can boost your workplace confidence.

Workplace Confidence
Boost Your Workplace Confidence


Figure out what you’re passionate about and which skills and abilities allow you to shine. Take time to discover more about what you have to offer and what puts a smile on your face. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.


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As you dig deeper into your strengths, you may find talents that you never noticed before.


Focus on Your Health


You can have more success and enjoy more everyday happiness when you focus on your health. Put yourself first and be kind to yourself day in and day out. Put self-care at the top of your to-do list and begin to pinpoint which habits and behaviors you want to change. For instance, if you consume a lot of alcohol or believe you have a problem then it may be time to check into a residential addiction treatment center. Get the help that you need before it’s too late. You’ll feel great and will be able to reach your goals when you get good sleep, exercise, eat well, and find healthy ways to deal with stress.


Manage Your Energy


Another opportunity and way to have more success and enjoy more happiness are to proactively manage your energy. You can’t be afraid to step away and take breaks. As well, learn to say no to others when you’re tired. already have a full schedule, or it is just not something you are interested in.


The Art of Saying No
The Art of Saying No


It’s important that you feel your best each day. Therefore, be aware of  your limits and make sure you’re not overdoing it in any one area of your life.


Invest in Yourself


You may have to invest more time and energy into yourself. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks or to put a plan in place for going after what it is you want. Find more success and be happy by investing in yourself and your personal development. Remind yourself that it’s an act of self-love and a chance to better yourself and get to where you want to be.



There isn’t a clear-cut path or playbook as to how you can quickly get from one point to the next.

It can be challenging to put yourself first when you’re a busy person but it is extremely important. #selfcare Click To Tweet

These tips are designed to help you have more success at finding happiness. However, they are not fully comprehensive.  What would you add to the list?


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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14 thoughts on “Four Steps To Finding Happiness”

  1. Happiness is something we all seek. I love to find happiness in small things such as investing in myself. I love to take new courses and learn new things.

  2. This was good because our health does affect our happiness and neglecting taking very good care of ourselves can make us function outside a place of joy. I also like that you spoke about discovering our skills because that for sure removes frustration of doing things that don’t bring much results.

    1. Staying focused on something that is not offering results is a frustrating state of affairs. It is better to figure out what is not working and then pivot to get the results that we need/want.

  3. I find it really hard to find happiness these days. I never thought about finding your strengths could eventually lead to finding what makes you happy. Thank you for sharing this x

    1. martina, looking towards what we are best at can really help us to recognize all of the other things thatw e are also pretty good at. Please feel free to inbox me for extra support.

  4. I’m all about investing in myself these days. I am finally ok with giving myself the attention I truly deserve.

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