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Fight with Jeffrey Ortiz

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Fight with Jeffrey Ortiz

Update: Unfortunately Jeffrey Ortiz lost his battle with Cancer and has passed away on December 18, 2014. Thank you for your good wishes and for any, and all, support that you have offered.

The original Fight with Jeffrey Ortiz article as posted on December 9, 2014: 

Jeffrey Ortiz is fighting the battle of his life…the battle for his life.

Jeffrey is a son, a brother, an athlete, a scholar, a friend, a devout Christian and a competitor. He will need to be all of these things and more.

At just 20 years old, this kind young man known as “Big Papi” has been diagnosed with Stage IV (Stage 4) cancer, one of the worst diagnoses one can hear.

Stage IV cancers are considered to be a late stage cancer. In these cases, cancer has spread through the organs and possibly to the bones.  

At this stage, surgery is not usually an option and the goal of treatment is to help the patient to live longer, reduce pain and improve symptoms.


Jeffrey has a very difficult road ahead of him and he needs the help of his family, the help of his community, and the help of his internal strength.

One of Jeffrey’s older brothers shares that “it seems impossible that he is now battling for his life on a hospital bed when only a year ago he was playing college baseball.” Little did Jeffrey know that the back pain that he had attributed to a sports injury would bring him down a road that no one would have ever thought possible.

As a dedicated college student, Jeffrey was playing sports regularly, spending time with friends and going to church. Jeffrey was living a happy life…some may even say a carefree life. Unfortunately, that would change drastically as he spent the next months going in and out of doctor’s offices, getting test after test and even being quarantined for more than a week due to a Tuberculosis scare. 

However, through it all, Jeffrey kept his cheery attitude even going so far as to say, “No matter if it’s a worst-case scenario, you still gotta live life right?”

In reflecting on all that Jeffrey is going through big brother, Jose, shares that “there truly is no feeling like knowing the life of someone you love so dearly is in danger. We, as his family, we will do anything and everything within our power to help him in any way we can.” Jeffrey’s family has rallied beside him losing time at work to support Jeffrey at his bedside with encouragement or anything else that he needs. However, that will only go so far.

The family worries about upcoming expenses. These will include co-payments, fees not covered by insurance and expenses brought about by the pursuit of alternative treatments. They also worry about the less obvious expenses. A hospital bed for the home, an accessible shower and home health care among them.

Dr. Amy Abernethy, director of the cancer care research program at Duke University, recently conducted a study. This showed the average out-of-pocket expenses for a cancer patient.  “$712 a month for doctor visits, medicines, lost wages and travel to appointments” and that is not all. This does not take into account expenses from secondary infections, secondary diseases brought about by medication and a compromised immune system. It also does not take into account the untold cost to the family at large.

To this end, this kind and humble family are asking for help.

They have signed up with The Give Forward Foundation. The hope is to raise funds to help with all of the expenses ahead. The family will be grateful if you are able to donate. As well, they are very grateful for any prayers or words of encouragement. The family can be reached on Facebook at Fight with Jeffrey or by email at  You can also contact simply by leaving a message in the comments.


Thank you again for all who have read this. I am sorry to say that Jeffrey did not make it. However, his family appreciates all efforts that were made on his behalf.  ~ Elise

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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12 thoughts on “Fight with Jeffrey Ortiz”

  1. Elise,

    Thank you for writing this post to make people aware! I’m sure Jeffrey and those close to him appreciate your championing his cause.

    I’ve been lucky enough that cancer has not touched in my immediate family…to date. Lets hope others hop on and give support!


  2. Hello Elise,

    This is a sad, yet inspiring story. The face that he remains cheerful even while going through the condition that he is really shows his character. I wish the best for you all and I hope everything gets better in time! Thank you for sharing

  3. Thank you for sharing Jeffrey’s story and for spreading the word re: opportunities for giving to help him in what I’m sure is a very scary and lonely battle, regardless of the presence of others at his bedside. I will be sharing the Giving Foundation as well as Facebook page with my own networks.

    Whilst not dollars and cents, his family may want to look to see if there is a Care Brigades or other similar nonprofit group in his area that sends volunteers to help with care etc albeit perhaps he has access to such loving support via his Church.

    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during an unimaginable difficult time.

  4. having gone through that with Meg and Ben I know first hand how sad and heartbreaking it is. It’s a toll on more levels than anyone unless they have gone through it or have been bedside/with them every step of the way can imagine. My positive thoughts and prayers for that sweet boy always.
    Beautifully written piece Elise. Beautiful

    1. Marlene, thank you. It is a terribly difficult situation and you are right, it is so much more difficult than anyone can imagine … or that one article can explain. I know for a fact that Jeffrey’s family absolutely appreciates your thoughts and prayers.

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