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Three Reasons To Go On A Family Vacation 

family vacation

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Go On A Family Vacation


Much like families themselves, family vacations come in many varieties. Some families enjoy spending long weekends locally in a caravan, building campfires and hiking through woodland. For others, jetting off to golden beaches and dreamy waves is the perfect way to unwind. Whereas adventurous families may enjoy skiing in luxurious resorts, hidden away between the peaks of snowy mountains. 


There is no right or wrong type of family vacation – what truly matters is spending quality time together as a family and having a fun and healthy vacation.


Our lives are busy with work commitments, schooling and daily chores, often causing quality time to be neglected. It’s important to dedicate time to reconnect and strengthen family bonds, and a vacation provides the perfect opportunity. However, the benefits of a family vacation extend beyond that. Here are three reasons why planning at least one getaway this year is worthwhile. 


Have family vacation fun and strengthen bonds


Children have a natural ability to create their own fun wherever they go and often need little encouragement to let their imaginations run wild and have a great time. Unfortunately, as adults, we often become so overwhelmed with our complicated lives that we rarely allow ourselves to let go and simply have fun. A family vacation presents the perfect chance to awaken your inner child and spend some quality time connecting with your children.  

There are serious benefits to being silly with your kids, but first, you need to be relaxed enough to get on their level. A family vacation can provide the opportunity to unplug, unwind, and have genuine family fun. Playing with your children can help to make them feel important and loved, strengthening your connection and creating lifelong, cherished memories for everyone.


Open their minds


Traveling to new places as a family is an exciting and eye-opening experience for all ages, and it offers numerous benefits for children. Exposure to different cultures helps to break down stereotypes, which nurtures our children into global citizens. While many families often confine themselves to vacation resorts, it can be beneficial for children to witness people living in different socioeconomic backgrounds. Among many other important qualities, this will teach them gratitude and compassion.


Children learn through immersion, and travel provides real-life experiences that can’t be replicated in a classroom or textbook. Studies have even shown that students who travel tend to achieve higher academic scores compared to those who don’t. Additionally, learning new languages is easier at a younger age. Doing so can also positively impact brain development, so it’s valuable to expose them to new languages while they’re still little.


Taking family vacations in other countries promotes vital skills such as adaptability, patience and resilience. It also helps children develop a deeper understanding of the larger world around them. Exposing children to diverse cultures is an excellent way to enhance cognitive flexibility and development. 

Make special memories together


It’s important for every family to schedule regular times when everyone can relax and create fond memories together. Consider brainstorming ideas collectively when planning a family vacation to ensure that you incorporate each person’s interests. Including exciting activities in your itinerary is a wonderful way to make lasting memories. So give canoeing, surfing, or snowboarding a try.


It is crucial not to overlook the importance of scheduling well-deserved downtime between activities, granting everyone the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and fully unwind. Additionally, valuable memories can be formed without spending a lot of money on expensive activities. Don’t feel as if you have to splash out in order to have a good time. Engaging in simple activities such as playing board games or going for walk can provide equally valuable bonding opportunities. 

Family vacation should include personal interests.


As you can see, taking a family vacation offers numerous benefits that can deeply impact your children’s well-being and happiness. To get the most from your next vacation, try to incorporate everyone’s interests. By keeping it as inclusive as possible, you’ll ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Regardless of your family’s preferred traveling style, keeping it simple ensures you have the opportunity to relax and connect. 

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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