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Fall Into Health With The Whole Purpose

the whole purpose

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Fall Into Health With The Whole Purpose

The Whole Purpose is a wonderful health driven company headed by Kelly Lam.


The whole purpose of The Whole Purpose (I do amuse myself.) is to build events that are customized specifically to the audience and encompass at least one aspect of well being.




The driving force behind The Whole Purpose is Kelly’s own journey to wellness coupled with her yoga, nutrition, and overall health expertise.


Recently, this brilliance was shared with us in the first of a three-part series at Hoag for Her Center for Wellness.

The Hoag for Her Center for Wellness is a beautiful space with so much to offer. Services include Physical Therapy, Sexual Health Counseling, Psychological Services, Pilates, Massage Therapy, Fitness Programs and more.

Designed by women for women, the specialists at The Hoag for Her Center for Wellness are all females. Additionally, they are all focused on the special needs of a woman.

Our half day experience included plenty of healthy snacks. These were provided by companies such as Lifeway Kefir, Luna Bar, Sambazon, Hum Nutrition, Pamela’s Products, Clif Bar, Kean Coffee, Art of Tea and more.
Mio Global even got in on the action with their generous donation of a Mio Slice for every attendee. How is that for amazing swag?
We began the day by setting our intentions with a guided meditation in the serene atmosphere of the wellness center.
I absolutely enjoyed the discussion on meal planning and nutrition. It was so much fun to have such a brilliant exchange of knowledge in the room.
Healthy living tips were also shared by keynote speaker, Elissa Goodman. Elissa is a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert.  In addition to discussing cleanses and supplements she shares her experiences both as a cancer survivor and as a cancer widow.
The Pilates session was great. The room is lovely. I especially loved the emphasis on connecting our minds and bodies with proper positioning.
We also enjoyed massages, acupuncture, cupping and restorative yoga.  Our yoga instructor provided several great tips on how to transition from your workday to your private time. These tips included brushing the day away, changing your clothes and washing your hands.
I think that these tips were especially great for those of us that work from home.
I very much look forward to the next session in The Whole Purpose Series.
To find out more about The Whole Purpose visit www.thewholepurpose.com or email Kelly at k.lam@thewholepurpose.com.

Have you ever been to an event like this? How about a center such as this?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Please use the comment section below to share your tips, questions, and/or thoughts about this post.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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44 thoughts on “Fall Into Health With The Whole Purpose”

  1. This looks like a lovely place and a lovely way to spend a day. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I love the idea. The tips for closing out your work day are something I’m definitely going to try.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this. I have always wanted to go on a personal retreat to a yoga or wellness center. You reminded me that I need to add it to my life plan and make it happen.

  3. I have not been to an event like this or a place like this. In the past year, I have started meditating regularly and doing yoga (sporadically). This looks right up my alley. Thanks for sharing. I found you on the Bloggers Pit Stop.


  4. Very cool! I’ve never heard of a center like this. I wonder if there is something similar where I live. It sounds similar to a yoga retreat, which is something that I’ve been wanting to go on for a while now!

  5. Great center. You can have all your well-being needs taken care there. I wish there’s a place like that near me : )

  6. At GlossyCover, we are big proponents of women’s self-care, wellness, and mindfulness to help them in their daily lives. This Whole Purpose experience seems like an excellent way for women to invest in themselves and their self-care. So needed in our busy and hectic lives.

  7. Angela Blanchard

    I love that it is designed by women for women! Every woman knows what another one needs… especially a massage! <3

  8. Nice center! I love the “wholistic” approach. It’s more than just eating…mind body and spirit feeds the soul.

  9. Ooooh I love the positive message in this and think it so awesome. Never thought about washing my hands as a way to clear the day away but I’m gonna start doing it more after work!

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