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Essential Self Care Strategies for Optimal Health

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Essential Self Care Strategies for Optimal Health


Before you can achieve optimal health, you need to know what that looks and feels like. If you’re reading this, chances are you are not at your best, but there is no better time to start improving things than right now. Make a 4-8 week commitment to discovering your best self for the future. 


Physical Health 


Some things are more essential than others when it comes to self-care, but unless you look after your body, everything else will run at sub-optimal levels. Physical activity strengthens the body-mind connection improving the way you think, feel, and perform in your everyday life. 


There is a strategy for physical health to suit every personality type and lifestyle, so there are no excuses. If you feel as though you don’t have time for physical activity in your life, try micro workouts that allow you to train in small amounts of time each day. Apps have handy workouts.   


Social Vitamins 


Don’t underestimate the importance of communities for your well-being; these can support and sustain your overall health even when you are introverted or housebound for some reason. Studies show that connecting with like-minded communities is an important aspect of health. 


Nowadays, more people are working from home than ever before; the good news is that digital infrastructure has improved in tandem with the digital shift. If you can’t get out of the house to socialize, it’s quite easy to join a community online to build new friendships and relationships.  


Mental Health 


Naturally, mental health is a central component of self-care that requires special attention no matter how healthy or resilient you think you are. Mental health can take knocks in unexpected places leading to stress and unhappiness. And mental health has many important components. 


One component of mental health that often goes under the radar is hearing health. Older people with hearing issues might experience a loss of brain function due to the auditory connections in the brain. Hearing issues can also impact social well-being, so visit an audiologist regularly. 


Emotional Health 


Emotional self-care is another key component of overall well-being. Unless you have some healthy ways to acknowledge and express your emotions – especially difficult emotions – you are likely to encounter mental health issues that become more difficult to resolve on your own. 


Emotions can be acknowledged and processed internally, leading it a healthier mindset and world outlook, but sometimes we need the perspectives and feedback of others to test our interpretations and judgments. Consider community groups, friends, and therapists for this.   




Ask most people, and they will tell you they operate at sub-optimal levels. Life can be busy with family and careers, and it can be challenging to look after our wellness even with the best of intentions. However, it’s incredibly important to find effective ways to care for ourselves daily. 


If you feel as though life has become overwhelming, it could be time to refocus on some of the core practices that sustain your well-being the most. What practice contributes most to strengthening the body-mind connection and creating emotional resilience for your lifestyle?  



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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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30 thoughts on “Essential Self Care Strategies for Optimal Health”

  1. I am feeling invigorated after reading this article. I love the concept of the ‘social vitamin’ especially since most of my work is done from home.

  2. It’s so important to take care of all aspects of the body, not just the physical portion. And I agree, the social side of it can be the hardest sometimes!

  3. I try to consistently practice all of these strategies to have optimal health! I can tell the difference on how I feel and how productive I am to know when I need to make adjustments.

  4. Barbie Ritzman

    So true that physical activity strengthens the body-mind as well as the body. Why the elderly need to stay active for their mental health.

  5. Self-care and taking care of our health is essential. When you think about it, being healthy is the most important thing we need before accomplishing anything else.

  6. My mental health and social health are good. Where I lack is physical health. I need to find some way to motivate myself to do more.

  7. Great post! Always important to take care of yourself as a whole, vs just one thing. I need to get back into working out myself to better take care of my body which will also help my moods/mind.

  8. Self-care can play a role in maintaining your mental health and help support your treatment and recovery if you have a mental illness. Thank you for these tips.

  9. I absolutely love the term ‘social vitamins’, I’m going to use that from now on! I think this list is so important as we often think about physical health first when it comes to fitness, which of course is important but our mental state affects every facet of our lives as well! Great post.

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