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Are You Energetic Enough To Enjoy Happiness?

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Being energetic enough to enjoy happiness is a key component of life. Are you overlooking it?

Clearly, if are not energetic enough we cannot enjoy life to the fullest.

So often we feel tired, rundown, and simply not in the mood. That really is a sad state of affairs.

I tend to be fairly energetic. Putting in a long day of work, passion projects, exercise and my family makes me happy. I go to bed tired, but I also go to bed satisfied.

However, I am also very aware that there are those other days.

Those days when I feel exhausted before bedtime or the days where it is time to wake up and I want to go back to sleep. These days I do not like.

I love waking up and feeling ready to conquer the world. I want to wake up feeling like that every single day! Don’t you?

In this pursuit, I have spent the week re-evaluating my habits and really considering what works for me and what does not. I have also spent the week helping my cousin make decisions for his upcoming wedding, assisted my oldest child with some plans he is making, and discussing various things with the important people in my life.

A few things that have come up as I consider my energy for happiness.

  1. My exercise routine, exercise intensity and exercise frequency. (More on that next week.)
  2. The amount of sleep I get as compared to the amount of sleep I need.
  3. My sleep routine as a whole (which includes the entire evening routine).
  4. My social needs.
  5. Food choices and if I should think about trying dairy again. Hubby is pulling for a reemergence of fish in my life as he is super worried about my protein levels.
  6. My work/life balance.
  7. My ability to say “no” when I need to. For this, I revisited my very own blog post: “The Art of Saying No.” I reminded myself of some of these great principles that I mostly use. 

Yet, being that I am human, sometimes forget.

What have you considered as you look at your personal energy for happiness? I would love to know. Please comment below.




Published on: Jan 8, 2016 

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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2 thoughts on “Are You Energetic Enough To Enjoy Happiness?”

  1. Dr. Elise,
    I love your list of energizers for happiness.
    All of those are on my list – exercise, sleep, appropriate diet and nutrition, relaxation, sleep, social contact with friends and family, saying Yes when I feel it is beneficial and saying No when it is too much or not right for me now.

    I would add that it is important for me to speak up, to say what I think and feel – either good or not so good. I feel so energized when I have clearly shared what is true for me – and it helps the other person also.

    Dr. Erica

    1. Hello Dr. Erica –

      Sharing your truth, in a kind and respectful manner, is absolutely helpful to everyone involved. We cannot expect others to know what we need, want or desire if we do not clearly state these truths.

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