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5 Reasons Why Counseling Could Be The Missing Link for You

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Counseling Could Be The Missing Link

Originally published March 2023, Updated March, 2024


Counseling is something that many people think is a major red flag, but it can be a major benefit to everyone. In terms of romantic relationships, couples counseling is something that should be given a greater priority. Counseling is not a sign that a relationship or you are
broken, but it’s about understanding you don’t have the right tools just yet. There are so many benefits of counseling, which is why we’re going to show you what it can actually do for you. 


It Helps You Explore Yourself


Self-discovery is such an important lesson in life. Many people spend so long being stuck in an unhealthy mindset, whether it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or a negative outlook towards the world. When you see a counselor, it gives you the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of who you are, but also what your values and beliefs are as you become more self-aware, so you can make the changes that will benefit you. 


Enhances Expression and Emotion Management


Invaluable in romantic relationships because, as a couple, you can take your next step by having a greater understanding of the emotions that inhibit you, especially in terms of a romantic relationship. When you become aware of emotional triggers or you become more understanding of how you’re not able to adapt, you can start to express yourself and cope with emotions in a healthier way. This doesn’t just prevent negative emotions, but it can also help couples to recognize the other person’s triggers and be more nurturing. 


Provides Validation and Support


The benefit of a typical therapeutic environment is that it is warm, non-judgmental, and safe. And when counseling helps individuals to open the metaphorical floodgates, this could be exactly what the individual needs to make sure they are doing a lot more to regulate their emotions. Lots of people don’t talk about their feelings because they worry about being judged. Counseling provides a more normalized environment. 


Arms You With Effective Tools for Life


Counseling is not there just to help you vent, but it’s about making sure that you learn about what has happened to you so you can either avoid those behaviors or stop those triggers in their tracks. There’s a lot of amazing tools to help you based on your given situation and practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy become invaluable. It’s a way of retraining your brain and getting rid of those negative thought patterns. Counseling is a long-term strategy that can help people to learn skills but also practice and experiment before they apply them to real life. This ultimately leads to a far more aligned individual in terms of mind, body, and spirit. 


Provides Encouragement


If you are in an environment that is not very nurturing, having to make changes in your life is downright scary. When you feel completely helpless, counseling can give you the motivation to bring awareness to some of the positives in your life, but also strengthen your resources. A lot of people are naturally wary of counseling because they either don’t want to open up or feel like it’s something they could do themselves. Sometimes we don’t have that significant other in our lives that are there to help us release our true thoughts and feelings. Counseling can be the missing link.


Of course, there are many other changes you can implement in your life that heighten the benefits garnered through counselling. For example, you this could include incorporating more exercise or time outdoors into your routine.


On a similar note, you can also help to ward off negative thoughts (and the behaviors that trigger them) by finding your community. That is a group of people who encourage you to be better or challenge the way you think – the kind who you are always happy to spend time with. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this.


For example, many people find this sense of community within their church. Here, they come together with people from all walks of life who share not only the same faith, but values too. This means that you will always have somebody to turn to when you need help or assistance or just want someone to listen to what you have to say. While there are many different churches to choose from, the Living Church of God can be a grat place to seek out community, and you can read some Living Church of God reviews here. 




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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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