The Corona Virus Cruise

I am super disappointed in Norwegian Cruise Line and the handling of what I now think of as the Corona Virus Cruise
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The Corona Virus Cruise


Well, more accurately stated, it would be the trip that we were worried would turn into a Corona Virus Cruise.


I mean this trip that my boys are meant to go on with my parents has just been overtaken by the concern I have about them going and it turning into a disaster.


Let me first give you the back story.


My parents LOVE to go on cruises.


It makes sense, they are older and they love to be on the water.


Cruising allows them to travel without a whole lot of stress.

At least, that should have been the case but with the current scare about CoVid19 and the rapid changes being thrown at us. Well, this mom (and dad are worried.)


But my thoughts are meandering. Of course, that is a bit similar to how most people are feeling about what is happening in our world today.


So let’s bring this back so you know about the cruise and where my mind is.


Corona Virus Cruise


My (our) boys are now 22 and 24 years old. My parents want to take them on a trip and invited them to go on a cruise.  They have invited them before but there were various reasons why it did not happen. However, this time they said, “yes.”


I want it to happen. They are all looking forward to it but every day we hear new information and new info about cruise ships not being allowed to dock.


My parents think it will be OK and they may be right BUT how can we take a chance?


And then… just like that it is time for the trip. Our oldest  has flown down to Southern California and a ship remains docked outside of Northern California awaiting the news of what happens to them next.


Then I speak to my dad, who as it turns out, has an ear infection and has been sneezing. Like what are we thinking?

Here’s the bottom line: 


This trip is a terrible idea at this moment in time.  The whole thing needs to be squashed!


So we call Norwegian Cruise Lines and let them know that my dad who is 83 years old is showing some of the symptoms. However, they will not let us cancel.


I am surprised by this. Why would they put everyone at risk for this one fare?


We are not even looking for a refund. We simply want a cruise credit for a future trip.


My dad is ill. He doesn’t feel well…


Aren’t these the exact type of scenarios that they are trying to avoid?


Why am I being told that he has to show up and prove that he is sick?


He is on antibiotics, he has a doctors note and hotels, flights and all sorts of other travel is allowing cancellation if you even suspect you could be contagious.


I even advised then that just a few weeks prior he was out of the country on another cruise.


I find this all quite odd.


When I first spoke to the cruise line about the concern they mentioned that they were offering stress free cruising* beginning in just a couple of days and that, perhaps, they can extend that to us. However, when they looked at the booking they stated that they could not make this offer as it is a third party booking (ie travel agent).

In the end, my dad was too sick to jump through the hoops and show up at the port to be turned away. The hope now is that insurance will help them out with the lost fare.

I am super disappointed in Norwegian Cruise Line and the handling of what I now think of as the Corona Virus Cruise but I am still planning to buy stocks as it is my feeling (I am not at all a broker so do not buy and then get pissed at me if I am wrong) that the virus will cause the cruise business to continue to take some massive hits.


Please share your thoughts below.



Halfway through what would have been their trip all cruises were cancelled!

COVid-19  fall out is now 11 months. Some people have hoarded toilet paper, paper towel, food, cleaning products and more. Hoarding creates major problems for communities so if you want to stock up it would be best if you followed some guidelines such as in this ultimate prepper guide.


Please share comments, tips, and thoughts below.


Naturally Yours,

Elise Ho, Ph.D., D.N.Psy

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*Stress Free Cruising refers to being able to book now and having the ability to cancel within 48 hours of the cruise departure without losing any money. Your entire payment would simply be put towards another cruise.


15 thoughts on “The Corona Virus Cruise”

  1. This has been a terrible time for the cruise lines, and their passengers. I am aware of two couples who had their funds returned by the cruise line and neither of them thinks they will be cruising in the near future – regardless of how this all works out.

    People will be quite cautious for a while and I wonder what that means for the industry as a whole. So unsettling all around.

    1. It really has been a terrible time for them and the travel industry as a whole. I read a statistic that travel is down 95%.

      For cruising, I believe that the die hard I love cruising people will go back quickly and the rest of us will sit back and wait or maybe never go on a cruise.

  2. I love cruising too – but since I became a singleton and found that most cruises expect you to pay almost the full amount to go as one person I have only been on on cruise. Great shame – there must be such a market for singles cruises 🙁

    My Coronavirus holiday story is that I was due to go on holiday to Scotland just about the same time. I didn’t want to go with all the fears, because the thought of spending all that time in a confined space with a group of strangers who could be infected and not know it was too much of a worry. I decided to wait in the hope that the company would cancel, and they did. BUT they wouldn’t give me my money back and insisted I had to accept a forward booking. Because my own income has been hit, I said I’d prefer a refund. But still no luck.
    I contacted the credit card company (we have a chargeback law here in the UK) but because they had offered me something in return the credit company wouldn’t allow the chargeback. Someone has told me this isn’t correct – but life’s too short to keep arguing.
    It’s a small company and they told me they wanted to have a business to come back to in the future! I just hope they will have, or all my money will be lost. (My insurance wouldn’t cover it either.)
    But have heard lots more expensive losses than mine!
    Good luck with the shares 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    1. It is a shame to hear that you have not gotten a refund. While I understand that they are in need of the money, perhaps it is a bit short sighted for them to be such a stickler at this time.

      I am quite sure that there is a market for single cruises. I even know of some people who koin groups of women that like o trave and are looking for travel partners. I am not sure as to how they vett them but it is interesting

      Life is too short to keep arguing. At some point we need to give up and release the situation.

    1. It is a high risk now for sure. Honestly, I was very disappointed in how they handled the situation but I do not think the main issue was the company itself so much as booking through an agent. I feel that if it was booked directly they would have done more.

  3. That’s disgusting and I hope the company are ashamed of themselves. It is so sad how often we are seeing examples of huge companies putting their wealth above their customers health during these times. Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS

  4. I would not be happy at all with this. It’s just a case of pure greed, like the price of one fare was going to make or break their company. It’s a shame.

  5. Your poor parents it sounded like they were trying to be responsible and the cruise company our of order. My aunt and family left 3 months ago on a world cruise and are currently on their way home given all the Corona fears. I will be glad when they are back safe and sound! Take care #KCACOLS

  6. Well, all I can say is I have never had any interest in taking a cruise anywhere. So I commend you for traveling this way. Seems too confining. Have not ventured into stocks either.. so let me know how that turns out.

    1. I do not love cruises as much as my parents do but they can be very fun. I am hanging tight before purchasing as I think that it is going to come down more. Wish me luck.

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