Clean Home, Clean Mind: 3 Things that Require a Pro

Window Wash your Clean Home

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Keeping a safe and clean home isn’t always the easiest thing to do.


No matter the size of a property it will always need some level of maintenance. But sometimes no matter how much effort you put into your home there are some things that need a professional touch.

Accidents, everyday use, and outside elements can all affect the fixtures, fittings, and furnishings of your clean home. This can then result in damage or dirt that your largest amount of elbow grease won’t remove. While cleaning your home yourself has been shown to help with anxiety and depression, sometimes you just need a bit of help with the bigger issues.


clean home

Some of the more perplexing clean home tasks include cleaning such things as:

  • Windows and gutters
  • Drains
  • Carpets

Windows can be difficult to clean at the best of times and over time can require professional equipment. As well, the drains pose a high risk to health if left untreated. Plus those carpets take the brunt of external dirt, especially in high traffic areas.



Windows – View to a Chill


As well as presenting a clean home and a clear view of the outside world, clean windows extend the life of the fittings. Cracks, debris, and natural elements can also reduce the life expectancy of your fittings. Acid rain and dirt can form in and around the frames as well as the panes themselves resulting in damage and lower efficiency if left untreated.

Most people clean their windows themselves with off-the-shelf products. It is totally fine to do this but skilled companies such as Labor Panes Professionals can take it a bit further. For example, they can remove harmful build-up with industry-standard tools that are designed for reaching the more difficult places such as inside the frames, latches, and higher than ground floor windows.

Drains – Happy Plumbing


One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is the cleanliness and efficiency of drainage systems. If you don’t maintain the drains, all kinds of nasty events can occur and could result in backed-up pipes. While drain cleaning is very easy most of the time and simply a case of pouring the drain cleaning fluid into the pipes, it’s a good idea to get the professionals in from time to time.

Fortunately, drain problems are very easy to spot. If you notice that water isn’t draining from the bath, shower, or sink properly then the drains are on their way to becoming a problem. Unpleasant odors also indicate a problem. Hiring a professional early on can help make sure the worst doesn’t happen.


Carpets – Don’t Rub Your Feet


Carpets can almost be thought of as a luxury even though it is present in most homes. After all, a good carpet doesn’t come cheap. Additionally, your kids more than likely lay on it daily.

clean home

As such, extra care should be taken to treat your carpet.  A carpet left untreated will end up dirty, flat, and unappealing. This would be a shame when you consider the price and the time it took to find the right one. Plus the effort that went into laying it and decorating the room.

Products such as vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers can do a great short-term job when caring for carpets. However, carpet shampooers will only do a limited job. From time to time it might be necessary to hire a professional treatment team to reinvigorate the carpets. Carpets can become flat, dull, and worn, especially in high traffic areas such as near doors. However, these areas can be brought back to life with professional treatment.


Naturally Yours,

Elise Ho, Ph.D., D.N.Psy


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24 thoughts on “Clean Home, Clean Mind: 3 Things that Require a Pro”

  1. Carpets – Don’t Rub Your Feet! I agree! This becomes a house of germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. Make sure you do vacuum it every week. Also, it takes a lot of responsibility to be neat – but worth it!

  2. We are starting spring cleaning as well — kind of a post-pandemic restart. We will definitely be getting the carpet cleaned by pros. I hadn’t really thought about the windows though. Something to consider…

  3. I super agree that a clean and neat home clears my mind as well. Thank you for reminding me to continue decluttering and doing away with stuff that I don’t need anymore.

  4. You’re soooo right! I can’t get my windows and carpets clean vs. when done by the pros! I often get professional cleaning service even for my bathroom 🙂

  5. That’s true. The overall ambiance of your home has great effects on one’s mind. But sometimes, we have to accept the fact that we can’t single-handedly keep our homes clean, hence, the need for professionals. Thank you for these helpful tips!

  6. I need to have someone come in and do our carpets. I didn’t realize that professionals did more than just clean them.

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