After my son was born I discovered a passion to educate and provide support for moms about breastfeeding and started a breastfeeding consulting service called Fresh Milk Mama.

Ask The Fresh Milk Mom

Meet Breastfeeding Advocate, The Fresh Milk Mom. In her words: I’m a mom of a toddler and wife to husband,

Driven Diva Mom

Driven Diva Mom. Mariamah Williams, Maryland USA   I am a mom of one diva-in-training. I am married to
Tarja van Veldhoven is a mom of three trilingual children. In her words: During a family vacation to Finland, our two-year-old daughter spent time playing interpreter for her Finnish grandparents and her Dutch father. Now at age nine, she is trilingual. She speaks Dutch, Finnish and English.

Raising Trilingual Children

Raising Trilingual Children is quite a gift that you can give to them. Tarja van Veldhoven is a mom of three
This and other motherhood moments are shared in Amazing Moms. Pick up your copy HERE.

Encyclopedia Mom

Encyclopedia Mom. Kristin Zinger, Kitchener, Canada   In her words:   I am a mom of two girls Sophie, 8
Little Big Bee was founded by Shiri Breslow. This entrepreneur is a mom to two children, Libby (4) and Benjamin (1), and wife to Mark, a Sales Executive for 5 years.

Big Bee Mom

Little Big Bee is a brand that specializes in loom-woven baby products. Little Big Bee was founded by Shiri Breslow.