Caring for Elderly Parents Who Live Far Away

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Caring for elderly parents offers certain challenges.

Of course, when those parents live far away that becomes a much larger challenge.

However, the thing to be most grateful for is that your parents are still with you. As well, remembering how much they have already done for you.

After all, where would you be without your parents?

What will happen to them if you do not step up? 

It is hard to think about the future and what will happen when you are no longer there for them. However, you must have a plan in place for caring for your elderly parents. This is especially important if something happens to you – even if it means moving them somewhere else to do so.


In this post, we’ll discuss some tips on how to improve your quality of life when caring for elderly parents!


What should you do before moving your parents?


Discuss the idea of moving with them. They may be hesitant because it is a significant change for them to make. However, they will likely appreciate knowing your concerns and reasons behind wanting to move to help take care of them.

Be realistic about what you are capable of. Are you ready for this kind of commitment – emotionally and physically?

When preparing to move an elderly parent, you need to discuss the idea with them. They are still adults and should be offered the utmost respect. Your loved one might feel reluctant about making such a change which can lead to further stress on top of everything else. Take the time to plan and discuss this with them.


Having an open, calm and respectful discussion allows everyone to be heard. Consequently, there will be a lesser chance of disagreement. Click To Tweet


The benefits of caring for elderly parents at home.


There are many benefits to living with elderly parents. This includes reduced stress for both of you, more familial support, and potential cost savings. Your parents could move in with you or you could move in with your parents. A decision could be made based on what makes the most sense for everyone’s life outside of the home and the convenience of the home, itself.  Even if it’s just for a temporary period, this can help reduce some of the pressure that comes with caring for them from afar.


If you need to go the nursing home route:


Your parent’s needs should always be the top priority when choosing a care home. If they have dementia, for example, you must find a facility that can cater to those specific needs. Not every elderly parent will require specialist care, so do some research on your local area and find out what facilities are available. The best way to approach this is by making a list of ‘must-haves’ and comparing different homes against that criteria until you find one that ticks all the boxes.


nursing home
Choosing a nursing home

Financial and Logistical Considerations:


Care homes can be expensive, but you will likely find them manageable by planning and making the necessary sacrifices. First, consider your current finances – how much are you spending on food? Do you have any savings or investments? If so, do they earn enough to cover the cost of a care home for your parent(s)?

It’s also essential to think about moving logistics like which region (or country) would suit them best; what support network they currently have in place; etc. Unfortunately, many people have experienced some abuse in these care facilities; if this is the case, search for a nursing home abuse attorney near me and begin the legal process to protect our elderly.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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14 thoughts on “Caring for Elderly Parents Who Live Far Away”

  1. I agree people should discuss with their parents before moving them to the home of the elderly. Also if you can get a home nurse, the better. My thoughts

  2. Yyyyeeeeaaahhhhh….when you watch all these documentaries that have been done about mistreatment of the elderly, you have to think thrice about getting them in care homes. It’s still largely a mystery how one can be heartless to such harmless people.

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