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Break Bad Habits With These 4 Tips

Break Bad Habits With These 4 Tips

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Break Bad Habits With These 4 Tips


A habit can either build you or break you. If it breaks you, it is high time to consider a change and wrk out how to work to break bad habits.

Humans are creatures of habit. It is pretty easy for you to pick a habit. However, breaking the pattern is a tad challenging. Most bad habits are addictive. Some examples of bad habits could be smoking cigarettes or cannabis, drinking alcohol, or consuming other forms of narcotics.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to help you break bad habits.


Choose a Substitute


The easiest way to break bad habits is by substituting it with good ones. For example, if you find yourself smoking before any meal, you can replace the practice by consuming water. It will help if you plan to respond to the urges. Exercise is the most viable option when breaking a bad habit.

Not only does it provide the necessary distraction, but it also causes the release of endorphin chemicals. Your body releases these chemicals during drug use.

You can commit yourself to the 21/90 rule to form a new habit. For example, if you commit to a particular goal for three consecutive weeks, it becomes a habit.


Partner Up


Breaking a habit is best accomplished in two or more. Partner up with someone to help you through the journey. This creates a form of accountability which ties you to your goal. You can find someone who is struggling with a similar habit. By joining hands, you can motivate each other and also celebrate together.

If you can’t find someone among your peers or family, you can consider seeking help from treatment centers to put you on your way to recovery. Such institutions have handled similar cases before, and they are well equipped to help you break your habit.


Eliminate all Triggers


If drinking alcohol forces you to smoke, then avoid alcohol. If passing by a liquor store tempts you to indulge, change your route. Often, your body will work subconsciously by responding to different triggers.

When you identify your triggers, you get to be in control of your situation. If your environment forces you into your habit, it would be best to change it. Your surroundings can easily trigger you back into your bad habit. For example, the smell of cigarette smoke from your next-door neighbor can cause you to cave.


Set Goals


Breaking a habit requires a set of goals. Breaking a pattern with no goal may be challenging. However, you have something you aim to achieve with a plan by breaking a habit. Changing behavior is not easy. It is easier to start something new.

For example, you can set the goal of being healthy. To achieve this goal, you need to lay off bad habits that are harmful to your health. Since drug use impairs your health, such a goal can help you overcome the bad habit.

You can also set a goal of finishing all your tasks on time. This eliminates any chances of procrastination through watching TV or browsing through social media all day.


Where to Start


Deciding to quit your habit is the first step. Next, write down your goal and what you intend to achieve. Set a timeline and commit to achieving your goal.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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21 thoughts on “Break Bad Habits With These 4 Tips”

  1. It really is hard to break a habit. Having a partner who helps you through your struggles no matter if it’s for going to the gym or quitting smoking is always a big help.

  2. Great tips when it comes to addressing bad habits. All are great ideas that have proven to be effective. The one I like to add is to provide a reward for myself as a further incentive to kick the bad habit within a given timeframe. No elimination of the bad habit = no reward! Great post.

  3. I think the first thing is to really want to do it. I know I always say I want to be more fit but then I don’t want to take time away from things to do the extra exercise needed. I have to want it more than I do. Something I’m working on right now.

  4. Great tips! I’m trying to stop biting my nails and it’s such a hard habit to break. I have to try these tips!

  5. First, you gotta identify your triggers and eliminate them. I had a habit of drinking coffee every morning before going to work but what I did is to change my route so I won’t have to stop at the convenience store and get coffee.

  6. Breaking bad habits was such a struggle for me. Only when I read the book of James Clear, Atomic habits did I realize that we need to eliminate the triggers of these bad habits.

  7. Predrag Kovačević

    If it’s a really bad habit like drugs abuse, then you have to change everything. Place of living, “friends”, mindset, you have to lean on your family if they still want to help you, and most importantly, you have to pray to God to help you!

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