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Revealing The Truth About CBD Safety

Is CBD Safety a concern as you take steps to “modernize” your medicine cabinet?   You are curious about CBD but you are concerned about

I am super disappointed in Norwegian Cruise Line and the handling of what I now think of as the Corona Virus Cruise

The Corona Virus Cruise

The Corona Virus Cruise   Well, more accurately stated, it would be the trip that we were worried would turn into a Corona Virus Cruise.

Do You Understand Your Self-Worth?

Do you truly understand your self-worth?     So many of us do not fully comprehend our own self-worth.   We can clearly see other

We are just days into the New Year and many folks have already allowed their New Year resolutions to fall by the wayside. Do you intend to keep yours?

Do You Intend To Keep Your Resolutions?

What Do You Intend To Do?   I intend to… those are powerful words. Thinking of New Year “resolutions” as intentions may be the difference

There's always a chance to learn new things

Stop Overthinking, Just Do It!

Stop Overthinking, Just Do It! What's stopping you from taking action? Are you overthinking everything? Is it fear? Perhaps you're waiting for the right break
Please welcome guest blogger Kyle Rutten as he shares his favorite money-saving travel tips.

Money Saving Travel Tips

Travel allows you to take advantage of heightened creativity, increases in general awareness, and a fresh perspective.

Travel is clearly worth making a priority.