Dr. Ho is a Naturopathic Life Coach and CBD Educator with over 30 years of experience is the helping fields. Ask Dr. Ho... because you can, literally, ask her anything.

I do not want to drown in the quicksand of regret but rather live and grow in the soil of life.

A Life With Regrets

I said, that I would not change anything in my past regardless of any regrets. This was not because life was perfect and without regrets. In fact,  I said this because if I changed even one small thing than absolutely everything could change. I was recently challenged to rethink this statement. I did and I stand behind it.…

I wrote my very first blog post on August 13, 2011.

A Journey Of Self Discovery

The journey to self-discovery may be more accurately stated as “the reinvention of self” If this journey of self-discovery really is more about reinvention then, “How many times do we reinvent ourselves ?” First I was an embryo, then a fetus, a baby, a daughter, a sister. Eventually, I added other titles such as student,…