My Biopsy Results

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9 am: I am waiting for biopsy results.

Today is the day that I will get good and happy results. I have decided this so, therefore, it will be true !!

12 pm: I  am still waiting.


3 pm: Patience is gone and I am still waiting.


11 pm: The results finally came in late this evening.


I am so very pleased.

The biopsy results are negative.

If ever the word, “negative” was so positive it is now.

It is wonderful to know that the reinvention of self doesn’t need to include the label of a cancer patient.

Now I need to reassess and think about what my positive take away is from the situation.

Of course, the biggest positive take away is the fact that the tissue is benign. I simply need to have a six month follow up to ensure no changes. There are other positive takes beyond that. In every situation there is.

I believe that all our trials and tribulations have contributed to making us who we are.

I would not change anything in my past, not because it was always perfect, but because if I changed even one small thing then absolutely everything could change. It is an interesting thought that at first hearing sounds a bit extreme.

Is it really an extreme thought?

Would you change anything? Do you believe that one small change could change absolutely everything?


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4 thoughts on “My Biopsy Results”

  1. Dr Elisa I am having a Stereotactic Biopsy for microcalcifications . Reading your post has helped me. I am praying for results to be negative . I am having it Feb 21st .Please keep me in your prayers for mine . Congratulations of your results I could relate so much to your post as I am feeling all those feelings and praying for this Stereotactic biopsy test .

  2. Dr. Elise,
    Congratulations for your blog award and for being so open about your health concern. So happy to hear the results were negative and benign. I was encouraged to have a biopsy at my last exam and I chose instead to follow the advice of the African herbalist doctor I had met at the live event “The Truth About Cancer”. He sent me medicinal teas that I had taken for months. I have been drinking David Wolfe’s incredible coffee, Dr. Josh Axe’s bone broth proteins, Purium’s cleansing and amino products, NuSkin’s Age Loc and Age Vitality, Dr. Gundry’s reds and Plant products, walking 1000 miles this year (I did over 500 before the midway point this past week), and I continue to focus on health and wellness.
    I know how important it is to love your body. I love my body and I keep encouraging it to get back to vitality and strength and health.

    Dr. Erica

    1. Thank you, Dr. Erica. The award is a fun thing. I really enjoyed writing the post.
      Thank you also for your well wishes. It was a scary time for me. I do things differently from that time in my life. I am happy to have had you share what your protocol is. When we are open about these things we can help many people.

      Dr. Elise

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