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Let's Get To Know Each Other

I am Elise a.k.a Dr. Ho and I am here to guide, teach, motivate, inspire, and encourage you to get everything you want out of life and then some more.

I am a Holistic Life Coach who specializes in self-care, personal development, and the principles of communication.

I come to you with over 30 years of experience in natural health, emotional guidance and happy living.

I hold multiple certifications and degrees including a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology.

Together we will create a roadmap that will get your life on track and you in good health.

We will do this through the use of targeted, evidence-based tools which may include CBD, brain-directed nutraceuticals, a brain enhancing nutrition plan, lifestyle changes and concentrated exercises designed to improve your stress response, concentration and overall life enjoyment.

I am a married mother of three young adults living in Southern California but able to work with you no matter where you live.

I offer 1:1 concierge coaching, VIP mastermind groups, and guided DIY programs along with nutrition therapy, natural remedies, and several proven tools to help people navigate the seven pillars of wellness.

I have successfully helped thousands of people with their goals including health and lifestyle goals, parenting goals and business goals.

My clients describe me as caring, non-judgmental, perceptive and very easy to talk to.

her experience

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho has nearly 30 years of experience and holds multiple certifications and degrees including a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology. This is the timeline of her story.

Family, Relationship & Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Blogger

I know that it is a mouthful but as a holistic person with many passions I just cannot help myself. It is my honor to work with, and learn from, amazing people such as Mark Hyman, M.D and Dr. John Gray and with great companies such as Vida Health and KCNH. I love to help people break through obstacles in health, in love and in happiness. A current passion project is working to unite all parents so as to provide support and information to the parenting community.

SINCE 2010

Doctor of Naturopathic Psychology

My love of learning is still prevalent all of these years so I kept studying while also building a private practice. I think it is really important to stay up on the latest information but perhaps I will allow my kids to take over the legacy of collecting degrees.


Ph.D. Natural Medicine

I love to help people to heal their physical and emotional issues naturally. I am not against allopathic medicine but instead feel that a partnership between the two will most benefit people. This is the heart of Functional Medicine.


Wellness Certifications

Prior to this time I had suffered through many health issues. I knew that had to change so with the help of some great people, and hitting the books, I went about changing that. The HUGE benefit was that I now had even more ability to help others. I earned certifications in such things as Holistic Health, Nutrition, Anti-Aging and more.


Wellness Coach/Youth Coordinator

Community activities, coordination and instruction for youth programs and adult health and social program development was my focus during this time. I loved giving back to the community and offering options for the entire family.

2001 - 2012

Licensed Child Care Provider

My love of working with families continued as my hubby and I got married, moved from New York to California and began to create our family. I thought what better way to share the love then to offer a family day care.

1993 - 2001

Research Scientist

At the Research Institute on Addictions, I worked on a multi-year research project studying the effects of alcohol use and/or abuse on the family unit. This solidified my desire to continue to work to help families.

1989 - 1993

Weight Loss Coach

During this time I worked at one of the most popular weight loss companies. It was a great learning experience about what works and what does not..


Juvenile Detention Youth Counselor

This was a fascinating job for me. I loved working with the children and their parents to bridge the communication gap. I also really started to recognize the connection between food and behavior.


B.S. Sociology

I was drawn to Sociology as I had always been fascinated by different cultures, religions and upbringings. I thrived in this environment. I became a Research Assistant and soaked up all knowledge that I could.


Cooking & Culinary Arts Certification

Once upon a time I wanted to own a restaurant. My parents sent me to culinary school for an intensive certification program. I learned a lot including that I did not want to own a restaurant.l.