5-in-1 Nursing Cover Prizes at UWP Conference

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5-in-1 Nursing Cover Prizes at UWP Conference

Hey there! My name is Keri, and I am a mama of three. Over at my blog, Keri Keeps Up, I talk about how I am implementing systems through DIY and organization that make my life so much easier.

I want to tell you a bit about a product that has completely changed my life as a new mom.

It is my 5-in-1 MULTI-USE Infant Car Seat Cover-Stretchy Nursing Cover-Baby Shopping Cart Cover-High Chair Cover.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”302ma” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]I think that anyone can agree, if there is a way to create a less stressful element in our busy lives, we should try to make it happen![/ctt]

Note From Elise: You all will want to pay attention because this awesome Mama and Entrepreneur sent 5-in-1 stretchy infant covers ( MULTI-USE Infant Car Seat Cover-Stretchy Nursing Cover-Baby Shopping Cart Cover-High Chair Covers) in “Tangerine Dots” for an awesome giveaway gift at the United We Parent Conference in Southern California on August 26, 2017.


Learn about the topics HERE.

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This pass includes Continental Breakfast, a comedy show, 4 sessions of expert-led roundtable discussions, an expert panel, lunch and social time to speak to the United We Parent Founders, speakers, additional parenting experts and other parents just like you. There is even a swag bag in it for you.

When I had my first two babies, I didn’t even know that covers like these existed. Finally, by the time my baby girl came around, I found out about these super versatile and convenient baby items. These actually function as five different things. Not only are they all weather car seat covers, but they are great for high chair and shopping cart covers.

It makes the best nursing cover I have ever tried. Keep things hands free and ready to be used in a flash by wearing it as an infinity scarf.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical of the promises that this style of infant cover offered, but I kept seeing them around and my interest was piqued, so I sewed my own version. Not even two weeks after I started using it, I was sold on the idea.

At that point in time, I was dabbling with an Amazon store, and I knew that this product coming into my life was a sign!

After tons of research, I decided to offer my own cover on Amazon.

When I received my sample from the manufacturer, I was so pleased!

Not only was the design exactly what I wanted, but the fabric was a million times softer than I expected.

I literally made everyone I came into contact with feel it, because I was so impressed.

One of the things that is a bit different about this cover, compared to everything else on the market is the length. When I was researching, I kept coming across complaints about the cover getting stuck in car seat bases because it was too long. I went ahead and shortened mine about two inches. It completely fixed that problem. Don’t worry though, it is still plenty long for all of the other uses. I have tested them all myself!

Here in Idaho, winter time hits hard and it gets pretty windy, so I wasn’t sure if the material would prove to be all weather like I had heard. Of course, I had to make sure before I vouched that it was.

I found the material to be lightweight but super effective!

On those really chilly days, I hacked the system and used the cover over a heavier blanket to keep it in place.

The wind could blow and my baby wouldn’t feel a thing. As far as ease of use goes, the cover doesn’t get in the way like the ones that you attach to the handle. Additionally, there are no complications with a bigger baby. This will fit, unlike the ones that go over the body of the car seat.

These covers are easy to use and grow with your child.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”u62do” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]As much as I love the car seat use, my favorite way to use this cover is while nursing.[/ctt]

When I was a new mom, I remember sitting on a bench in the middle of Walmart, ready to cry because I forgot my receiving blanket in the car. I had to use a normal winter-time blanket to cover up. My son and I were both sweating from trying to latch in those early days while stay modestly covered at the same time. Let me tell you, the pressure was intense.

Fast forward to the present.  

I haven’t had a stressful experience yet with nursing my baby girl on an outing. The cover starts out on her car seat. However, sometimes I may wear it as a scarf if we are somewhere relaxing, like at the park. Then when the time comes, I just put it on and stretch it around us both. No more exposed backs, and no more worrying about a rambunctious baby pulling the blanket off.  I never have to deal with anything like I did in those early days! Even when I wear a t-shirt and forget a camisole, I don’t have to worry about showing my belly or anything else.

It’s a relief to have the flexibility of a nursing cover.

Frankly, I cannot imagine the experiences I may have had without this cover at this stage of my parenting. Trying to wrangle my two-year-old and nurse my baby at the same time would have proven challenging without a cover that keeps itself in place. Our outings are much less stressful because I don’t have to worry about forgetting the cover in the first place. After all, it is basically attached to the car seat. Switching from one use to the next is as easy as pie. I thank my lucky stars that I decided to set my skepticism aside and give these 5-in-1 stretchy infant covers a shot.

Make your life a little bit easier and give it a chance.

My 5-in-1 Cover has really changed everything for me. 

All in all, if you are looking for an item that is cute and super-functional, you have found it.

You won’t be disappointed! I promise!

If you’ve already jumped on the band-wagon, let us know what you love about this style of baby cover. The comments are waiting.

Do not forget to Get Your FREE Tickets  HERE.


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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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14 thoughts on “5-in-1 Nursing Cover Prizes at UWP Conference”

  1. Lesly Federici

    Very smart and clever. I like how it can be used on the shopping cart. Looks comfortable and discrete !

  2. Hi Dr. Elise,
    That nursing scarf looks wonderful. I wish I could show this to a lady who blatantly posted on Facebook a photo of her with her naked boob nursing her baby openly in a restaurant. And she was defiantly annoyed by the attitude of the other customers at the restaurant. All she needed was a beautiful scarf like this to nurse her baby in public without being “in their face” and offending them.
    Dr. Erica

  3. Hi Dr. Elise & Keri,

    I’ve got nothing… 😉

    Actually, I”m very impressed with how Keri took a great idea and followed through with design and testing to finished product, was inspiring. Especially with 3 young ones to take care of on the same time. Great job!

  4. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Elise and Keri,

    What a wonderful idea. Never had anything like that when my daughter was little. My grandkids are grown now too, so no need yet for it. Good luck in your new venture, Keri.

    Elise, you are wonderful to help Keri get the word out about her creation.

    Wishing you both a great weekend.

  5. How handy, I love that it can be used in so many different ways! I would have never thought to use it as a nursing cover!!

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